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DIY E-Cigs Sweeping the Market!

Posted 6th Nov 2014 to Vaping Style and Culture


Don’t waste time charging your e-cig

About a year ago the e-cig industry was pretty much stagnant. Devices haven’t changed and atomizers have remained the same. Enter DIY e-cigs. I am not talking about making your own e-liquids, I’m talking about hobbyist, electronics experts, folks with soldering skills, and most importantly, machinists. Some of the cooler aspects of DIY e-cigs is fixing all the faults of the e-cigs on the market. For example, extending the limited battery life of e-cigs. I’ve seen a custom e-cig that had enough battery life to last a whole week.

Speaking of battery life, I’ve also seen electronic cigarettes that had a wall plug - not simply a pass-through, but an e-cig that literally plugs into the wall. At the time, the maximum e-cig wattage was about 15 watts, but most of these DIY e-cigs pushed the limit past 50 watts, some were even 120 watts, an amount unheard of at the time. Today the market is flooded with devices like these, making DIY e-cigs somewhat obsolete, but not just yet. Some of the newer devices on the market are riddled with bugs, so there is still a market for DIY devices.

As far as atomizers are concerned, machinists that enjoy vaping started modifying current atomizers to allow more airflow and larger eliquid reservoir. Eventually, machinists stopped modifying and started making their own completely from scratch. They used hard plastic drip tips to prevent burning the lips with high wattages, and some used glass or crystal tank reservoirs in order to prevent eliquid from ‘cracking’ plastic tanks.

Share your style with a completely original e-cig

Custom DIY e-cigs aren’t just for performance, they also have an aesthetic appeal. Buyers can select from a range of colours and materials, such as high-grade polished wood, carbon fiber, high polish brass and copper, and more. I’ve also seen steampunk e-cigs, named after the popular science fiction sub-genre, and some are even shaped like light sabers or Nintendo controllers. The aesthetic aspect of DIY e-cigs is something that simply cannot be replaced by devices available on the market.

Avid vapers around the world have exhibited different preferences when it comes to DIY e-cigs. Whether you’re designing your own atomizers or creating your e-cig to maximise the amount of vapor produced, the options are endless when it comes to DIY. Resources are readily available for vapers to purchase and design their very own e-cigs, so don’t wait! Vapemate has a massive stock of products so you can mix and match to make your ideal e-cig.


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