DIY Lemon Tart Recipe

A Blend it Yourself Recipe

How to Blend it - a Delicious Lemon Tart Eliquid


It's all about the flavours - there's 9 of them in this e liquid. So take some tasty Vapemate e liquid flavour concentrates and just mix... you'll also need some vegetable glycerin and some propylene glycol.

  • Strength: 3mg
  • PG/VG ratio 30/70
  • Flavour 14%
  • Makes 10ml e juice


Ingredient ml Grams %
Nicotine (VG 72mg) 0.42ml 0.53g 4.2%
PG 1.6ml 1.66g 16%
VG 6.58ml 8.3g 65.8%
Base Total: 8.6ml 10.49g 86%
Bavarian Cream 0.1ml 0.1g 1%
New York Cheesecake 0.05ml 0.05g 0.5%
Vanilla Custard 0.15ml 0.15g 1.5%
Butter 0.05ml 0.05g 0.5%
Cinnamon Cream 0.2ml 0.2g 2%
Lemon 0.1ml 0.1g 1%
Lemon Meringue 0.3ml 0.3g 3%
Lemon Sherbet 0.3ml 0.3g 3%
Meringue 0.15ml 0.15g 1.5%
Totals: 10ml 11.89g 100%


Now enjoy your delicious DIY e juice.