E-Cigarettes Save Lives

Recently, we profiled Toronto heart surgeon, Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar, who strongly supports vaping as a method of cessation from traditional cigarettes. He’s not the only one from the medical field who feels this way. In the past months, Dr. Derek Yach of South Africa has been vocal about his support for vaping as a potentially much safer method of tobacco consumption. Last week, a billboard went up in Johannesburg bearing his words: “E-cigarettes Save Lives.”

Dr. Yach is especially qualified to be making these kinds of statements, as he is not only a well-respected physician but also a “major force” against Big Tobacco. For many years he was a high-ranking official within the World Health Organisation’s anti-tobacco movement.

The billboard’s quote is taken from an essay he penned for the UK Spectator back in February, in which he criticised “traditionalists” who attack the vaping industry rather than waiting for conclusive research on its effects, and despite the fact that millions are using e-cigs as a way to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. He called the push to ban vaping “a huge boost to the deadly status quo.”

As the vaping industry continually comes under attack from ill-informed politicians and public health organisations, we applaud the efforts of medical professionals like Dr. Yach and Dr. Bhatnagar to make sure the voice of reason remains a powerful force in the vaping movement.