Prior to take off at the Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, a burning smell came out of the checked baggage cabin on Saturday August 16th, 2014 evening. This burning smell turned out to be an electronic cigarette that caught on fire. Fortunately, a baggage handler caught the incident and extinguished the flames prior to taking off. No one was hurt; however, the failed Electronic Cigarette did manage to burn a hole in the luggage containing the device. The flight was not canceled and went on its merry way after the incident was taken care of. However, this does raise the question of how to properly handle these devices on airplanes. Now the report did not state what device this was either purposely to cast a wider range of Electronic Cigarettes, or they honestly did not know. Either way proper safety precautions must be taken prior to entering your flight. Here is a short suggested list:

  • Make sure your devices are turned OFF
  • Remove your atomizer from the battery prior to storage, that way if it does auto-fire, the connection is incomplete due to the lack of an atomizer
  • Properly store E-Liquids in a separate plastic bag to avoid spillage as well as catching on fire considering some E-Liquids are flammable
  • In case of emergency, store the device at an easy to get to the location but not in such a way if the luggage is damaged,  the device would be affected
  • Batteries do not react well with falls; make sure the batteries are protected and secure in case of baggage being mishandled.

One last tip would be not to store the Electronic Cigarette in checked luggage. There have been many reported cases where TSA has stolen vape gear and owners have never seen them returned. Some cases they were just missing; even filing a report ended up being futile. Considering how expensive and rare some of the vape related items are, definitely keep your vape gear as a carry on item. The article can be found below pertaining to the incident.!bE5pXP