Wrigleys sues ecigarette company for copycat branding

Wrigleys Sues Chicago Vape Company Over Imitation Wrappers

A Chicago vape company is facing legal action from chewing gum makers Wrigleys after allegedly copying its chewing gum wrappers to use as vape packaging.

Chi-Town Vapers sells a bright yellow Joosy Fruit Gum and a spearmint green Dbl Mint E-Liquid, which according to Wrigleys’ lawsuit filed in Chicago federal court late last week, look very much like Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit and Doublemint Mint.

The lawsuit claims that ‘Rather than develop their own brand names for their products, defendants have chosen to market their e-liquid for electronic cigarettes using the trademarks of various other well-known companies, including Wrigley’s brand names, without authorization or license’, reports the New York Post.

And those other brands cited include Skittles, Hawaiian Punch, Mountain New, Red Bill and Nutella.

The Doublemint packaging dates back to 1914, while Juicy Fruit dates back to a more mature 1905. 

‘The use of popular candy brands in the marketing, sales and promotion of e-cigarettes is ... grossly deceptive and irresponsible,’ Michelle Green, a Wrigley spokeswoman, said in a statement published in the Chicago Tribune. ‘We strongly condemn these actions, which are directly at odds with our anti-tobacco policy and our strict marketing standards.’