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The Wattage War - Ecig Power Evolution

Posted 5th Nov 2014 to Vaping Style and Culture


Struggling to keep up with E-Cig developments?

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, ‘overwhelmed’ may be a bit of an understatement. When I first started using electronic cigarettes, devices were much more limited than what we have on the market today. In fact the ‘best’ device available to the entire community was a clear option. Today, there are so many options, even I am having a hard time keeping up with the ever-evolving market and consistent flow of new products.

As of late, the newer devices are not innovative in the sense of having newer and better features. Instead, the new devices are larger and pushing out more wattage/power than they previously had. This is great news for advanced users, but may be a bit too much for someone who is just getting into the world of E-Cigs. Many of these high wattage devices are geared towards advanced vapers, those who like to chase clouds, rebuild their own coils, and have rebuildable atomizers in their living rooms. New users, who have just joined the community and are using stock coils, probably won’t be able to use some of the newer devices. Many find that they are too powerful for regular clearomizers, which allows you to see the levels of e-juice in your device, and cartomizers, which provide a longer vape time.

More powerful than ever

When I first started using electronic cigarettes, the most powerful regulated device output was 20 watts maximum, and most of the non-rebuildable atomizers were only meant for about 7 to 10 watts. Today, the most powerful device can output up to 180 watts at 12 volts. This is an insane amount of power. For the last six months, E-Cig devices were consistently getting larger, some even bigger than your average smartphone, and more powerful. It started out at 30 watts, then 50 watts, then up to 100 watts, 120 watts, 150 watts, and finally 180 watts. Right now there are rumors of a 250 watt device coming in the near future. For an inexperienced user, these devices can fry any clearomizer within seconds, so it is important to stay safe and research your products before use.

Take it slow

For anyone new to electronic cigarettes, I urge you to skip these high wattage devices for now. Get something that fits comfortably in your pocket. While the new devices may seem highly appealing, for a beginner these high wattage devices simply may not be appropriate. If you are just coming off tobacco cigarettes, it is recommended to purchase something smaller, more convenient, and more comfortable to hold and carry around. Don’t be afraid to use an older model - just because it is an older electronic cigarette doesn’t mean it is not a solid device. Safety should always come first, so take your time getting used to the array of devices available for E-Cigs and figure out what is best for you.


If you’re just getting your footing in the E-Cig world, you may want to check out some of Vapemate’s starter kits, which include everything you’ll need while you get comfortable.

Happy vaping!


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