ecigarette sales surge

As More People Turn to a Healthier Lifestyle Vaping Gets the Thumbs Up from Consumers


 Last year, the year of the ‘healthy products’ saw ecigarette sales rise by more than 30% to £81m.  And thanks to this the ecigarettes and vaping made the list of things that people in 2016 were buying the most.


Also on the list were avocados, water and almond milk, with commentators suggesting the statistic mean people are tending towards a healthier lifestyle.


The trend for healthier eating and living normally sees a spike in January as people follow new resolutions, but stats show that in 2016 the trend carried on throughout the year.  It was fuelled by the popularity of healthy lifestyle influencers online and bloggers, who encouraged a younger generation of people to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Ecigarettes also made the NHS stop smoking campaign Stoptober for the first time this year after ecigarettes proved to be the most popular smoking cessation tool last year.  Vaping was also included in the television ads for this year’s campaign too.


According to a report last year by research firm Beige, the vaping market is predicted to be worth £4.46bn by 2021.  And this coincides with a decline in cigarette sales as regulators push for a smoke free generation.


Vaping is undergoing huge transformations at the moment, with laws being reviewed across the globe.  Plus the science and health communities are constantly scrutinising vaping. And some countries have outright banned vaping, while others embrace ecigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.


If you’re looking to switch it can be hard to know whether one study is more valid than another.  But with Public Health England backing it as ‘95% safer than smoking’ it is understandable that ecigarettes became one of the most purchased products of 2016.