For our more advanced vapers out there, you all know the hotter your coils get, the more vapor is produced. In fact there are some folks that don’t even bother with wicking; they just drip e liquid directly into the coils to get a super-hot build.

The video above is a prime example of what happens when too much e juice is used! The red hot nickel ball is superheated and dropped right into the bowl of eliquid. The violent reaction in the video is actually what happens inside every atomizer when the e cigarette is fired. Since the nickel ball is being submerged into the eliquid, the eliquid is boiling off. Not surprisingly there isn’t as much vapor produced as you would think with that much eliquid and that hot of a heat source. When too much eliquid is used (also known as over saturated wicks), the eliquid will boil and splatter instead of vaporize. This is why it is so important not to over drip your RDAs as the eliquid could splash out of the airholes or even the drip tip.