Lately many states in the US have jumped on the bandwagon on wanting regulation for electronic cigarettes. Besides child proof bottles and proper labeling, law makers are now asking for only menthol and tobacco flavors to be sold. Their reasoning is that any other flavors besides menthol and tobacco flavors are marketing towards children. Unfortunately, the state of Indiana is another to join the numerous states out to regulate electronic cigarettes. In a letter from Attorney General Greg Zoeller from Indiana, they want to limit advertising to children (which is cool) by eliminating all flavors other than tobacco and menthol (seriously not cool). To be honest I really don’t understand this logic as condom and alcohol manufacturers can make and advertise flavored condoms and flavored alcohol. Not just any flavored alcohol mind you; we’re talking about cotton candy flavored vodka, birthday cake flavored vodka, etc. How can they allow lollipop flavored condoms and candy flavored alcohol but attempt to limit the flavorings for E-Liquids? It seems extremely hypocritical to allow sweet flavors on vice goods but say sweet flavored E-Liquids are geared towards children.

Not all adults appreciate menthol or tobacco flavors. A lot of smokers don’t even like the taste of tobacco but smoke cigarettes purely for the nicotine. I am actually one of these people. I hated the taste of tobacco; I never appreciated the bitter taste at all. These days I use predominately fruits and dessert flavors. But if I were restricted to vaping mouth wash (I’m exaggerating but to me just menthol tastes like this) and tobacco flavors, I really don’t know if my vaping experience could ever be the same. I’ve talked to other vapers, and many feel the same. Some have even said they may go back to smoking if they can’t purchase the flavors they are used to. I can definitely understand the child proof caps being used and updating the labeling on the E-Liquid bottles to provide warnings. However, it seems to me by limiting the flavors available for current and future vapers alike is doing us a huge disservice. Let’s hope enough people in Indiana make a huge ruckus about and keep this from passing. The letter from Attorney General Zoeller can be found below.