Cast your mind back to the European Free Vaping Initiative...

...To 2013, the EU Government got into a big paddy and wanted to outright ban ecigarettes and everything to do with them.

Then, on December 16th 2013 the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Ministers concluded their meetings. The result of the report saved ecigarettes from an outright ban, although it contains many loopholes and poorly elaborated conclusions that may (and most probably will), endanger the future of vaping on a national level as well as on a European level.

Ok...What is the European free Vaping initiative or EFVI as it is also known?

It’s an opportunity for vapers to directly address the decision-makers of Europe so they can choose to ignore our opinion no more. We need to collect one million signatures before the 25th of November 2014 and reach the minimum quota in seven member states.

What EFVI is not.

EFVI is not another petition to sign. It allows us to participate directly in the development of EU policies regarding electronic cigarettes.

Why is EFVI important?

Once successfully concluded, we will have the opportunity to meet Commission representatives in person and to present our initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament.


The EFVI needs 1,000,000 signatures for it to be successful and is a long way off the target, for the full story and to sign you can access it here.


Luke Zelionka
Minkeys Vape Reviews