When you started vaping it was probably all about the nicotine and kicking the habit. Or if you took up vaping but never smoked, it could be all about the flavour. You probably never thought you would in the position where you care about vapour clouds. And yet here you are reading the ultimate guide to creating bigger clouds. Here’s how to create a wonderful vapour cloud…

The magic Big Cloud recipe

For bigger clouds you will need;

  •         A bigger tank with a sub-ohm coil
  •         More airflow
  •         More power
  •         The right type of eliquid

Get the right tank

First things first you need to look at your vaping kit, in particular, the tank. Some smaller, starter vaping kits are not built to give off monster clouds but rather to get a vaping noob familiar with the whole process.

The time has come, if you want to blow bigger clouds, to up your vaping kit. For bigger clouds, you're looking for a bigger piece of kit with a low resistance sub-ohm clearomiser.

A what?!

What’s a sub-ohm? What’s a clearomiser?

Let’s start with sub-ohm. This is the measure of the resistance in the coil, the small heating element in your tank. Most everyday pieces of vaping kit have a resistance of between 1.2 ohms and 2.0 ohms.  These are sometimes referred to as ‘plus ohms’.

For bigger clouds, you need less resistance and so a sib ohm coil with a resistance measurement of less than 1 ohm is needed.

There are various clearomisers available with sub-ohm rating, some of which are disposable – perfect for when you want a one-off session every now and then chasing clouds – like the Teslacigs ONE Tank.

Why do you need a sub-ohm coil for bigger clouds?

It’s all down to the resistance of the coil and how much electrical current it allows to flow through it.

A higher current means more energy getting to the coil. This is a swift process, with your coil reaching the optimum temperature quickly. A hotter coil means more e-juice is vaporised which, when combined with increased airflow, increases the clouds produced.

Why do you need to increase airflow?

At its simplest, vaping is the process of heating a liquid and converting it to vapour. As part of this process, you’ll get a hit of flavour from the vaping juice which, along with the nicotine hit if you opt for e-juice with nicotine in it, will give you the pleasurable hit you need.

Adjusting the airflow, along with a less resistant coil and the right kind of e-juice, will produce bigger clouds.

More air means a greater cooling capacity and that means more clouds. The more air you get over the clouds, the lower its temperature will be. And this encourages more condensation, hence more clouds.

As e-liquid is vaporised, the empty space above the coil become saturated with vapour, if you closed the airflow off at this point, ‘new’ vapour can’t be created and the ‘old’ vapour – the stuff that’s currently there – will condense back to an e-liquid.

By increasing the airflow, the ‘old’ vapour is removed, with more vapour ready to hop in its place, a cycle that keeps repeating with you enjoying producing huge clouds.

It is possible to get really technical about this, something that many advanced vapers do and because they understand the science behind it and are willing to experiment produce phenomenal clouds.

More power

So with a large tank with a sub-ohm coil and more airflow you are halfway to blowing gargantuan clouds that are loads of fun. But to get there, you need two more ingredients in the mix, one of which is more power.

To choose a power setting, you’ll need vaping kit that allows you to do that and again, you’re looking at kit which is built specifically for the advanced vaper – in other words, someone who enjoys experimenting with not only how they vape but the results they get.

A hotter vape makes for bigger clouds, not something that suits everyone. There is no right or wrong way to vape and so it’s down to you to experiment to find what your preferences are. You might want to counterbalance the extra heat, for example, with more airflow. The more air you allow in, the airier the vape but less air can mean more resistance. As we said, there is no right or wrong.

Power settings tie in closely with the type of tank you opt for too. A sub-ohm clearomiser copes with the higher heat seating but you’ll need to check what power setting the coil is rated for – you can sometimes find this printed on the coil itself.

Some people take the chance and up the power to see what happens. We don’t suggest going too far above the coil’s maximum as it can lead to unpleasant dry hits.

If you are serious about producing big clouds, you might want to take a look at a mod box, a chunkier, more powerful vaping kit that allows you more flexibility to experiment.

The right type of eliquid

By adding this one last element to the right tank with a sub-ohm coil, more airflow and a higher heat setting, you should see some bigger vapour clouds.

Eliquid has only a few ingredients – water, vegetable glycerol (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) (or a mix of both), nicotine (optional) and flavouring – but the one ingredient that has the biggest impact on vape cloud formation is VG.

Out of the two, VG is thicker and denser. As well as a sweeter flavour, it also allows the production of big, dense clouds, exactly what you have been chasing. Having said that, you don’t have to go 100% pure VG based e-juice – one with a 70/30 VG/Pg mix can produce some pretty voluminous vapour.

What about ejuice flavour? Does it matter?

No, the flavour has no bearing on clouds, just the VG/PG ratio.

And the forecast is…?

It could get cloudy! The beauty of vaping as a hobby is that it is entirely down to personal choice. You can experiment as you want, chopping and changing flavours as well as investing in new kit and trying your hand and puffing some serious clouds. It’s hard to go wrong…