4 kinds of Cigarettes banned in US

Just like in the U.K., the battle over vaping is raging on in the U.S. Right now, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is planning out how it may or may not regulate e-cigs there. We’re glad that while they do that, they are making sensible decisions like banning the sale of 4 different kinds of combustible cigs in American markets.

Under the federal agency’s rules, new cigarette products that come out have to be proven that they are not any more dangerous than those already on the market. In this case, 4 new lines of cigarettes were called into question, and their makers “failed to show” that their product didn’t raise new and different safety concerns. The FDA has ordered all stores to stop selling Camel Crush Bolds, Pall Mall Deep Set Recessed Filter regular and menthol, and Vantage 13 cigarettes. All of these are owned by the company, RJ Reynolds.

To sum up, a federal regulatory agency found that these combustible cigs were even worse for you than the ones already out, which have been linked to literally millions of deaths. We’re not too surprised that a line of Camel cigs is included in this list, as we just wrote about how their cartoon Camel logo was attacked for targeting children and teens.

Yeah, it’s definitely e-cigs that everyone should be worried about…