February Holidays Vape


February is packed with awesome holidays to vape to, so check out our list and fire up those kits!

 Bubblegum Day – February 5

 It doesn’t get much more fun than this. Celebrate Bubblegum Day with a vape, and blow vapour clouds instead of bubbles.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Nothing says love on Valentine’s Day quite like a bunch of roses, except perhaps for our Attar of Rose Eliquid. Share some with your loved one, or stock up on a bunch to enjoy all to yourself this February 14.

Drink Wine Day – February 18

If you manage to take a moment to step away from a delicious Pinot, indulge in a little Mulled Wine Eliquid to truly round out the festivities in style.

Chocolate Mint Day – February 19

Chocolate and mint go together like Homer and Marge, and there’s no denying this classic flavour combo is one of the all time best . Double your fun with both the Chocolate Mint Cream Eliquid and the Mint Chocolate Chip Eliquid.

Pistachio Day – February 26

 *Insert nutty pun here*

 This green nut is a favourite for many, and the Pistachio ejuice is a great way to enjoy the taste without getting bits stuck in your teeth. 

 Kahlua Day – February 27

Our second alcohol-themed holiday in February, Kahlua Day is one that really just can’t be ignored. We’ve taken the liberty of making this divine drink a little better with a hint of cream, so you can try our Kahlua & Cream Eliquid on the 27th.

 Leap Year Day – February 29

Just once every four years, we get a cheeky extra day tacked on to the end of February, and 2016 is one of those years! We think it’s best spent with Black Forest Gateau Eliquid to celebrate with all poor sods who only get one birthday cake every four years.

Oh, and by the way – all of February is Cherry Month. You know what to do