Could vaping make your sex life better? Ecigarettes mean fresh breath! There's so much talk about the health and legal benefits of vaping, it's easy to forget about some of its friskier perks.

Then again, if you've ever puffed on a Candyfloss Eliquid or something in that neighbourhood, you're already well on your way to understanding the fun side of vaping. And everyone knows luck tends to follow you when you've already let your hair down.

So how, specifically, might vaping make you a luckier person?

1. You won't repel good fortune with your ashtray breath.

Good fortune comes and goes, but it often appears in the form of living beings that are easily offended by stinky cigarette breath. These include cute animals, rich relatives, and sexy strangers, but most especially the latter.

2. Ecigarettes are much better-suited to pillow talk.

So you were lucky enough to have a romp in bed with another hottie. Why sully what you had going by enveloping the object of your affections in a cloud of toxic cigarette smoke? Lighting up a fruity vape will not only show your partner that you're a person of exquisite sensibilities - it'll also ensure that your lucky streak continues.

3. You can remain wherever the action is.

Not that there isn't a certain amount of serendipity made possible by forced cigarette breaks, but wouldn't you much rather be inside or outside on your own terms? When you're free to vape wherever you please, you don't have to risk losing your best prospect to some other charming flirt while you step outside for a smoke.

4. Lighting up an ecigarette draws attention to your mouth.

So do cigarettes, of course, but not the good kind of attention. Not only are you saving your breath when you choose vaping instead (and let's face it, health consciousness is hot), you're also bringing an attention-grabbing object oh so delicately to your lips.

5. You'll be bringing the party with all those fun flavours.

Let's look at this realistically: Vaping is poised on the brink of entry into mainstream culture, but for now, you're the cool cat who can show the ropes to curious onlookers. With all those people you're drawing into your orbit, you're bound to meet a few new lovers.