There’s nothing like a good mate. They’ll hold you up when you’re down, celebrate when you’re on top, and most of all tell you when you’re acting stupidly. One of the most stupid things a friend can do is smoke combustible cigs. Here are some tips on helping a mate give up the nasty habit.

Helping friends quit smoking


Hold them to it

Don’t let them give you any excuses, because from bad work days to broken relationships, there will always be something. Remind them that dying from cancer trumps most of life’s bummers.  

Get rid of the reminders

If you’re a smoker yourself, avoid smoking when they’re around and be honest with them and yourself about your own ability to do this. Remove all lighters and ashtrays from their sight when they come over.

Don’t preach

As it important as it is to show tough love, don’t be self-righteous about it, be sympathetic. Even if they slip up, it’s not your place to tell them how to live their lives. Remind your friend that they’re quitting for themselves.

Get creative

Make a bet with them. Take something that they care about and tell them they can only have it back after a month without a cig. There’s tons of little tricks you can use to help a friend quit.

Be there

This is the most important one. Be there whenever they need it, whether you’re out with other friends, at the movies, whatever it might be. They need to know, at least in the first few months, that they have you as a resource.