advanced vapers guide

After you’ve been vaping for a little while, you’ll want to know how you can up your vaping game. Just how do you produce bigger and better clouds, for example? You may have seen other vapers blow humongous vapour clouds, whilst your teeny puffs resemble nothing more than a bit of steam that comes out the kettle when it's boiling. The great thing is, this can easily be fixed by just two simple things: more vapour production and your technique of puffing.

Bigger, fluffier vaping clouds

All it takes are a few simple changes to increase vapour production that result in bigger vape clouds. Here are a few ways in which you can pump up the creation of your vapour:

  • Increase your power

To vaporize the e-liquid in your device quicker means that you will need to turn the power up on your e-cig. Many vapers have found that vaping with a powerful battery coupled with a super low resistance coil, it is the best way to effectively increase vapour production – and do so dramatically!

In turn, this brings us right to the point of a fairly new trend in the vaping community called “sub-ohm vaping”. Without getting too technical, this means vaping with a coil that has a resistance lower than one ohm. The result of a lower resistance of the coil is that much more power is able to pass through it which in turn, means that you'll be able to vaporize the e-liquid in your vaporiser at a much quicker pace.

Please note that this increase in power through your device doesn’t mean that it creates more vapour, but instead it allows you to receive the vapour quicker than if you were to vaporize the same e-liquid with far less power.

As your device now vaporizes e-liquid quicker, more vapour is drawn in from a single inhale. Although there are many positives to sub-ohm vaping, it has the potential to be dangerous if you’re not sure what you are doing. Make sure you first learn the essentials to sub-ohm vaping before you give it a go.

  • Increase the air-flow

The airflow with your vape is actually one of the most important elements when it comes to vaping, especially if you are trying to increase the amount of vapour production.

Increasing the power of your device with a higher wattage or lower resistance coil does mean that the e-cig’s operating temperature increases. And this may mean you don’t get the pleasant vaping experience you want.

Increasing the airflow will help to bring more fresh air into the mix, which will cool the temperature of the vapour, which will make it much more comfortable when you inhale. And, you’ll be pleased to know that in doing this, you will increase the size of the clouds you create.

When you increase the flow of air on your device, more air will be able to travel over your devices coils. When the air going over your coil increases, your e-cig is able to produce vapour at a much quicker pace. And when the vapour production increases, the vapour is pushed out of the vape device more quickly, increasing the rate at which the "old" vapour can then be replaced with the "new vapour".  And then the cycle happens all over again!


  • Make sure you use the right e-juice

The type of e-liquid you use can have a profound effect on the size of the clouds that you create. So, we know that e-liquids are made up of two basic components, the VG and the PG.

These two components can serve very different functions, and most e-juices tend to be a blend of both components:

  • PG provides the flavour and throat hit

  • VG is the one that provides the vapour

So, if your intention is to increase vapour production and produce bigger clouds, then you will need an e-juice that is higher in VG. You can find e-juices online with a high VG content that will see you create massive vape clouds if that’s really what you’re after.

There is a trade-off, however, in the shape of loss of flavour. But the thing about vaping is the choice that it offers. You could opt for a large-cloud vaping session when you feel like experimenting but when you want to enjoy the smooth flavour of your favourite e-juice, you swap back to a high PG/VG ratio juice.

Tips for getting more from your vape – the technique

Producing bigger clouds definitely isn't all down to the device that you're using. You could have exactly the same gear as someone who creates huge clouds, but if your technique isn’t right, you’ll be left with rubbish results.


The right technique involves the ideal combination of inhaling, exhaling and even your body posture. Let's go through a quick six-step guide to the technique that will help you to produce bigger and better clouds.

Exhale to empty your lungs.

Lean forward slightly and exhale again - this will get rid of any more excess air in left in your lungs.

Next, without inhaling, blow the remaining air into your device so that you can see the vapour coming out of the air vents.  

Now inhale for as long and as hard as you can.  As you inhale straighten your back upwards to open upon your lungs and allow more vapour to enter.

Now it’s time to exhale at a steady normal pace while simultaneously pushing your jaw out slightly. By pushing out your jaw, you allow your throat to open up so that vapour can easily escape.

At the very moment, you’ll feel as if you’re almost out of air, tighten your lips.  This will shoot out a powerful shot of air that will cause the released vapour to explode into a huge cloud.

Give it a try!

Getting more from vaping

The tips will help you discover how to create larger vape clouds. Some of these techniques will take you time and discipline to master but remember, everyone has to start somewhere.

If you should take anything from this article it should be that you should only do what you're comfortable with, and remember that vaping should be enjoyable, rather than a competition.