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Have You Just Made a New Year’s Resolution to Stop Smoking?

Posted 5th Jan 2018 to Quit Smoking, Health & Lifestyle


Have You Just Made a New Year’s Resolution to Stop Smoking?

NHS’s Top Reasons for Stopping Smoking

New year has always been a key time for smokers to quit.  Every year 7 million people in the UK resolve to improve their health at the start of a new year, with stopping smoking at the top of their list. And according to the NHS research also shows that as a smoker you’re likely to quit at short notice – something will happen and you’ll decide it’s time.  See these other key times that will make you want to stop smoking for good too…


New Year’s Resolution


Get fit, eat better, quit smoking.  Each January 7 million people resolve to live healthier lifestyles and stopping smoking is usually at the top of the list.  And one good thing about a quit smoking new year’s resolution is that smokers who pick a day generally fare better in quitting than those who scale back their smoking habit over a period of time.


If you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant it’s a great motivator to stop smoking.  Smoking harms you and your baby, can cause miscarriages and can increase the chances of stillbirth and sudden infant death.  Second-hand smoke is also harmful to your baby so if your partner is a smoker then it’s another perfect reason for them to quit.

National No Smoking Day

The second Wednesday in March is National No Smoking Day and around 1 million people use it every year to try to quit.   Since its launch in 1983 it’s estimated that No Smoking Day has helped 1.5 million people quit cigarettes for good.

Getting Fit 

Tying in with a healthier new year, or just a health kick in general getting fit is a great reason for quitting smoking for obvious reasons.  But conversely many people use exercise as a way of staying off cigarettes, so these go hand in hand.  There’s also evidence that exercise can help dampen your cravings.

Getting Ill 

One of the positives about getting ill can be that you’re forced to stop smoking.  Maybe you’ve not even thought about smoking, while you’ve been unwell.  But it does make for a great opportunity to carry on with your not smoking.

Hospital Stay 

Along the same lines as not smoking when you’re unwell, a hospital stay is a good way of breaking the habit.  Smoking is not allowed in most hospitals, even if you were feeling up to it.  But what’s more you have full access to smoking cessation services and Public Health England has suggested that patients who smoke are given advice on alternatives such as vaping, as a matter of course. If your illness is serious or long-term your doctor may recommend some major lifestyle changes, including quitting smoking.

Becoming a Grandparent

You’ll want to spend time with your new grandchild and it’s a great time to quit cigarettes when there’s a newborn around.  Smoking around babies is harmful and moving to the other side of the room or opening a window doesn’t remove the risk.  It can take as long as two-and-a-half hours to clear a room of second-hand smoke.


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