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Heat Not Burn ‘Contains More Cancer Causing Chemicals’ Than Cigarettes

Posted 14th Aug 2017 to Vaping News, Quit Smoking


heat not burn comes under fire

‘No Safe Limit’ for Some Chemicals Researchers Say


Heat not burn products have come under fire recently following the results of a recent study which found that some harmful chemicals were found in much higher concentrations than in cigarettes.


And as a result the study’s authors have suggested, according to the report in the Daily Mail, that the use of these products should be restricted until more detail is known.


Fumes from Lucky Strike Blue Cigarettes were compared to the new IQOS device from Phillip Morris using a device specially built for the experiment.  The results of the study, lead by Dr Reto Auer, of the University of Bern, was published in JAMA Internal Medicine.


The results found that harmful chemicals were present in the fumes for the IQOS heat not burn devices, although in lower quantities.


However, some chemicals, including carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were present in higher quantities than previously suggested.  Such chemicals have strong links to cancer.


In the Daily Mail’s report a spokesperson for Philip Morris International said: “We welcome independent research on our smoke-free products. However, we are surprised by some of the study methodologies and conclusions.


“The presence of some harmful compounds is presented as news, while it is not. What matters is that the levels of such compounds are drastically reduced compared to the levels found in cigarette smoke.


“There can of course be disagreement in science. We are open to discuss differences, and believe this is best achieved by comparing methodologies and discussing results.”


Following the results Dr Auer said that more studies were needed to determine whether IQOS was safe for bystanders.


IQOS is manufactured by Philip Morris and is one of a current number of heat not burn products being manufactured by tobacco companies as governments across the world look to create a smoke-free environment.  Other Heat not Burn products include Ploomtech by Japan Tobacco, Glo from British American Tobacco and REVO from Reynolds American.


Each works slightly differently but the core principle is that the tobacco is heated, not burned – burning the tobacco is reported to be a factor in increasing the carcinogenic elements in cigarettes.


And the tobacco companies are heavily investing in these products in countries where vaping is banned, such as Japan, which is seen as a good testing ground for the product.


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