The third Monday of January is renowned for being the most miserable day of the year. Post-festive season, a week before that much needed pay day, failed New Year’s resolutions and god awful weather, we’re not surprised today has been named Blue Monday.

Here’s our guide on how CBD can be combined with other morale raising activities to shrug off the Blue Monday depression. Unsure what CBD is? Here’s our handy CBD 101 filled to the brim with everything you need to know about CBD.

Eat more mood-boosting, healthy foods 

healthy food with eggs

I’m sure we’ve all piled on a few pounds after the festive break thanks to an abundance of chocolates, pigs in blankets and cheese. Now’s the time to put down the bag of crisps and reach for some energising foods that will fuel the body and brain. Many studies have suggested that maintaining a varied and healthy diet can help keep depression at bay. 

Mood boosting foods include those full of healthy fats such as avocados and nuts, dark chocolate and blueberries which are rich in antioxidants and probiotic foods such as full fat Greek yoghurt, kimchi and kombucha which are great for the gut. Try to minimise your intake of sugar as sugars cause a spike in blood sugar levels which will eventually crash.

Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol is a depressant so make sure you avoid all alcohol on Blue Monday! Swap out your usual evening can of Stella or glass of wine with a CBD infused, sugar free soft drink such as the delicious Glen Affric CBD range. We’re loving the Raspberry & Coconut and Cream Soda flavours which are a great way to get something sweet in without the sugar.

Move your body!

When you exercise, your body produces mood-boosting endorphins that will give you a helping hand towards a more positive outlook on life. If running is your thing, pop out for a quick 5k to get the blood pumping around your body or if you love playing team sports, get some friends together for an hour.

If you’re unable to partake in intense exercise, go for a peaceful walk with the dog or around your favourite park with an uplifting podcast. It’s so important to get your body moving. Aside from the mental health benefits, physical exercise can also help to minimise the risk of developing diseases and illnesses. 

Even though the Winter weather is drab, try to get yourself outdoors and surround yourself with the nature around you. After exercising, pair your cool down with Ambience CBD Muscle Balm or CBDfx CBD Muscle Balm to make sure the aches and pains don’t follow you into the next day… Nobody wants two Blue Mondays! 

Give yourself a break 

Don't be so hard on yourself, sit back and relax. What better way to feel energised for the coming year than to run yourself a warm bubble bath and pop on a refreshing face mask? No alcohol involved! We stock a range of CBDfx Face Masks, from purifying charcoal to hydrating cucumber. Indulge and cover yourself with luxe Ambience CBD Apothecary products like the CBD Body Butter or CBD Body Oil

Or maybe relaxing for you is sitting comfortably with the TV on with a vape in hand. CBD is a great addition to any vape due to its reported relaxation benefits. We stock a wide range of CBD vape products here at CBD Club but a few of our favourites are Ambience CBD Sweet Cherry Eliquid, Canavape 100mg CBD Blueberry Eliquid and Cannapesso 500mg CBD Cherry Mint Eliquid.

We also stock ready to vape CBD pens by Ignite which are an easy way to vape CBD without buying a device. We’re loving the Ignite CBD Calm Pink Chill and Recharge CBD Tropical Fruit flavours.

Don’t go it alone

Surround yourself with your loved ones! Make plans to do things which make you feel good whether it’s popping to the cinema to see a new film or going for a walk around the park. If you’re feeling down or worried, reach out to someone and let them know how you feel. A problem shared is a problem halved!

If you’re struggling this Blue Monday, there are a variety of charities that offer instant helplines to give you support when you need it.

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) is available for men aged 15-35 0800585858

Mind is available Monday to Friday 9am-6pm 03001233393

Samaritans offers a 24 hours service for free 116123

Looking for more ways to add CBD into your life? Read our blog post on more ways that CBD can help improve your lifestyle.