How not to annoy everyone with your vaping

There's been a bit of negativity around vaping lately, and for once, we can absolutely see why. Usually, people who dislike vaping and/or vapers are against the habit because they see it as unhealthy in the same way that traditional cigarettes are. While we will argue against that misconception till we're blue in the face, we'll be the first to admit that some of the anti-vapers do have a point.

Vape in your face

The problem: As the Apex Hunter pointed out recently, not everyone is a fan of smelling vapes. Sure, they don't smell as bad as cigarettes, and the vapour does disappear within seconds, but it doesn't mean you want to be surrounded by it. We can especially understand that you don't want to be surrounded by a stormcloud of different flavours at once – it's a bit like standing in the perfume section in the middle of a department store.

The solution: It's a basic one really, just be considerate. Even if a person isn't anti-vaping, they could easily be anti-you-sitting-right-next-to-them-vaping. Unless you know that person is fine with it, see if you can move a little further away, sit downwind, or at least ask them if they mind. If you're with a group of friends, try not to mob anyone with your clouds.

Holier than thou

The problem: This one has shown up on Reddit, and while we know for a fact that not everyone is like this, we're sure there are definitely a few people out there who put vape culture on a bit of a pedestal. The problem is that some vapers can get a little carried away – our Reddit friend linked above calls them the elitists – who look down their nose at 'inferior' products or trends.

The solution: Our Redditor friend highlights it pretty well, actually. Keep to the roots of vaping, remember that it's about sticking it to big tobacco, about doing something so much better for your health, about hanging out with your friends and trying new flavours and testing out your skill and mixing your own liquid. The vaping culture might be growing, but it's still fairly small on the global scene, and there's no need for anyone to get all 'elitist' on anyone else.

Ready for a fight

The problem: Right now, vapers all over the world are getting a bit of a hard time. Legislation in the US might come through that wipes out a significant portion of the market, and pretty much anywhere you go, there will be those who argue that vaping is terrible for you and should be under the same restrictions as combustibles. None of us like that, but some people will take it to the next level and get into heated arguments in public about it. Some vapers get pretty upset about this, and won't be afraid of making it known to anyone and everyone who will listen – whether they want to listen or not.

The solution: We're all for a grown-up discussion with scientific-backed studies and facts, but if you've got someone on your hands who is clearly not going to see reason, it might be best to let it go, walk away, load up your favourite eliquid and consider how hard life must be for those who refuse to listen to fact.