How to beat flavour envy

We’ve all felt it. Our friends offer us a puff from their vaporizer and the taste is so refreshing, so pleasing, that you can barely think of anything else until you have a supply of the flavour for yourself.  Check out this list of 6 flavour combinations, from desserts to cocktails, that will have you on the other side of the flavour envy equation.  

Cinnamon and Gingerbread

Tuck yourself in with the comfortingly sweet and warm tastes of cinnamon and gingerbread. Savour the joy of a fresh-baked cookie, with none of the calories.

Ice Cream and Citrus Punch

It’s the height of summer and we could all use a cool treat. Combine the creamy goodness of ice cream with the zing of citrus punch to make a sherbet-like flavour. 

The Godfather: Whiskey and Amaretto

Pair our malt whiskey and amaretto flavoured e-liquid switch to make a vape version of a classic cocktail.

Espresso and Orange Blossom

This might sound strange at first, but this is in fact a highly satisfying flavour combo that will make you feel, and appear, like the worldly scholar that you are. In this pairing, the robust flavour of the espresso is complemented by the subtle sweetness of the orange blossom. Molto bene!

Cookie and Butterscotch

We admit it, we have a sweet tooth. If you do too, this combination will have you dreaming in a good way of a soft, delicious cookie filled with butterscotch chips.

Okay, we can’t actually say that this combo will taste good, but we couldn’t resist adding pot brownies to this list. It just shows that pretty much anything is possible with vape flavours.