how to clean a vape tank and change the coil

Whether you are new to vaping or an old-hand, a dirty, gunky vape won’t deliver the vaping experience you want, no matter how hard you try. The key to long term use and performance of your vape pen, vaporizer or vape box is regular maintenance. Thankfully, cleaning your vape tank and the coil doesn’t take long and neither is it complicated.

Components of a vaping device

You need to understand the components of your vaping device before you start. If you’re new to vaping, understanding how to maintain your vaping kit should be a priority.

  •         The tank is the part of your vaping device that holds the e-liquid and is commonly combined with the atomiser to create a single unit.
  •         The coil is the heating element that converts your favourite e-juice into clouds.
  •         The battery is the power source and may have a temperature control option. Vape mods batteries are housed in the unit itself.
  •         A box mod is similar in construction but they have a larger battery for more clouds and a better flavour hit from your favourite e-juice.

When should I clean my vape?

Some people make cleaning their vape a regular habit. For other vapers, they clean their vape when one of two things happen…

  •         When they change their flavour of e-juice – swapping from a sweet apple & cinnamon vaping juice to a savoury flavour such as the heady hit of Brazilian coffee e-juice, you don’t want an unpleasant mash when you draw from your vape.
  •         When they notice the performance of their vape is decreasing – when your vape isn’t giving you the experience you want, the time has come for a full-scale vaporiser clean.

Cleaning the vape tank

You want maximum flavour from your current e-juice choice but you are experiencing a back flavour from your previous vaping juice that doesn’t make for a pleasant combination. Back flavour combos are distasteful and when this is happening, you won’t be truly enjoying the full effects of a pleasurable vape.

Avoid a potentially unpleasant mix of back flavours by making sure you clean the vape tank when you swap flavours.

cleaning a vape tank and replacing the coil

Simple vape tank rinsing instructions

A maintenance clean is when you simply wash out the tank after you’ve finished vaping one liquid and before you start another. Here’s how;

  1.    Detach the vape tank from your vaping device and discard any vaping juice that may be left in it.
  2.    With the tank disassembled into its component parts, lower it into a bowl of warm water.
  3.    If the tank is very dirty, you could add a few spots of detergent but if you do, make sure you rinse thoroughly.
  4.    After a thorough clean, you’ll need to let the tank air dry for at least 15 minutes before you re-assemble and use it again.

Deep cleaning the vape tank

If, after washing and drying your vape tank, you are still experiencing the unpleasant tang of back flavours, a deep clean is needed.

Start as you would for a simple clean by detaching the tank from your device and completely taking it apart.

  1.    Using a dab of high-proof, unflavoured vodka on a cloth or paper towel, scrub around the tank. Vodka is one of the best alcohols to use to dissolve stains and deposits left by e-juice in your vape tank.
  2.    Rinse the vape tank under warm water and as previously, leave to air dry for at least 15 minutes before you put it all back together.

In most cases, this solves the back flavour problem. It’s probably best for you and your continuing vaping enjoyment if you make the simple rinse a regular feature of maintaining your vape device.

Cleaning vape coils

The coil is the heating element and there will come a time when you will need to replace it. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to clean a vape coil that doesn’t spoil it. Wet it and the next time you use it, the coil will simply burn out.

The coil is an important part of your vaping device, especially on the flavour. And let’s be honest, the reason why you enjoy vaping so much is all the different flavour experiences you can have.

Changing your vape coil is just another part of the vaping experience and it’s not hard to do. You should change your coil when…

  •         You notice that it is dark, crusted or damaged
  •         You detect a ‘burnt’ taste even though you have deep cleaned your vape tank
  •         You have problems with a leaking vape tank
  •         Your clouds aren’t as slight, fluffy and big as usual

Changing the vape coil

There are different coil types available and so you’ll need to check with the manufacturer instructions not only how to replace the vape coil but if it can be replaced.

As a rule of thumb, replacing your vape coil means removing the tank and getting rid of any e-juice in it. You’ll need to twist the coil inside the tank to remove it and then simply screw in your new coil. Reattach your tank, pump it full of your next e-juice, turn on and enjoy!

Vape like a pro

We were all new to vaping once and although it is a hugely pleasant experience, getting to grips with vaping skills as well as maintenance and care of your chosen vaping device takes practice. No one gets it right first time so what other tips are there for vaping like a pro?

#1 Don’t let your vape tank run dry

Keep your e-liquid topped up in the tank, easy if you are using one flavour for a long period of time. But just as letting it run dry damages the coil and possibly your device too, overfilling your tank causes problems too. Find the right fill level and stick to it for maximum vaping enjoyment.

#2 Keep your vape juice out of sunlight

Harsh sunlight and high temperatures affect the e-juice flavour, diminishing the overall hit of flavour. Heat causes the e-liquid to thin resulting in poor vape box performance.

#3 Store your vaping kit safely

When you’re not enjoying the clouds or a hit of flavour at the back of your throat, take care to store your vaping kit away safely where it won’t get knocked or damaged. Ideally, keeping it in a strong case prevents a lot of avoidable mishaps.

Vape on!

Now that you know how to clean your vape tank to stop nasty back flavours and also how to replace the vaping coil, you have more vaping skills under your belt. Take care of your vaping device and you will enjoy the maximum flavour and a great experience every time.