Travel with your e-ciggarette

With the summer coming up fast, if you’re a vaper, you might be wondering how best to travel with your e-cigarette.  

Here is the Vapemate guide to how to travel with your e-cig. But as with any travel advice, always check the official website of the country you’re travelling to, to see if they have any unusual restrictions on what you can bring into their country.

E-cigs and planes

The rules and regulations surrounding vaping and airports are constantly updating, and the rules vary from airport to airport and airline to airline. So what follows is GENERALLY what is accepted, these are subject to change.

Vape mods

These have to be carried in your hand luggage and never in your hold luggage. They have to be charged and shown to be working, however, they will be required to be disconnected from the tank.


These also have to be carried in your hand luggage, and it’s best to charge them up before you set off, because you aren’t allowed to charge them on the plane.


Like all liquid restrictions, you are limited to carrying 100ml in each bottle, so our 10ml bottles are ideal for carrying your e-liquids. Just remember to treat them as you would do any other liquid you’re taking through security, and pop them in a clear plastic bag.  

If you’re taking e-liquid bottles larger than 100ml, then you’ll need to place them in your hold baggage. Probably best to wrap them in a sealed bag to prevent any leaks.

And if you’re travelling outside of the EU, you might want to consider taking enough e-liquid to see you through the trip. You won’t be able to guarantee the quality of the local e-liquids. If you’re travelling within the EU, you’ll be fine, because the countries here are governed by TPD regulations.

Vape tanks

You’ll need to separate your vape tank from your vape mod before you go through airport security. If you have any e-liquid left in the tank you’ll have to declare it, so pop it in a clear plastic bag.

If you can, travel with the tank empty, because tanks and pressurised cabins don’t always mix well. And if you’ve experienced the damage an exploded shampoo bottle can do, imagine how cross you’re going to be to find your stuff ruined with e-liquid AND you won’t have it to vape.

Vaping at the airport

You know the answer to this question already. No vaping at the airport. Vaping restrictions are getting tighter every year, so expect to not be allowed to vape in any airport. There might be a smoking lounge that you can use, but let’s be fair, they’re pretty horrible.

Vaping on the plane itself

Again, you know this answer. No vaping on the plane. Not even in the loo. Some airlines have even included the ban on e-cigarettes in their pre-fight notices. Disregard this at your peril.

Not wanting to scare you or anything, but Qatar Airways have reportedly had people arrested and imprisoned for flouting this rule on their flights. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

If you really need a nicotine hit, take some nicotine gum to chew on or a throat spray with you.

Countries it is illegal to vape in

This might be hard to conceive, but in this day and age, there are still countries where vaping is illegal, punishable with hard time in prison.

It is worth noting, however, that the restrictions tend to be more focussed on the seller than on the user, but still.

There are stories of vapers being heavily fined or even being thrown in jail for vaping in public. Whilst these aren't common place, it is definitely worth considering your actions before you do vape in public.

Image credit: The Sun

Always check the country you are travelling to, before you travel, because whilst the above countries explicitly state that vaping is either banned or restricted, some countries don’t actively enforce the law, whereas in other countries the restrictions are limited solely to public places. And even in countries where there are no vaping bans, there might still be restrictions in certain areas where you aren’t allowed to vape, i.e. in restaurants.

If you have any queries or questions about vaping on your travels, do get in touch, we’d be happy to help you.