vaping argument infographic

Imagine if, 20 years ago, smokers who were using nicotine patches in an attempt to quit the habit were given flack by friends, family and strangers about their chosen cessation method.

It sounds ridiculous, but that's the situation many vapers face today. Due to a mixture of misunderstanding and purposeful ignorance of the truth, anti-vapers seem intent on ignoring all of the benefits of electronic cigarettes, while arguing that the devices are detrimental to your health.

While the only argument that should be needed for vapers is that they enjoy the hobby and that it helps them to cut down on cigarettes – or has helped them cease smoking entirely – we have created an infographic full of sure-fire additional ways to win this argument.

For example, one of the biggest anti-vaping arguments is that e-cigarettes are pretty much the same thing as cigarettes. It might be frustrating to hear this one- but at least you know it’s easy to prove incorrect. You can explain how vaping means you inhale vapour rather than carcinogenic smoke, and you can also tell them about how a UK study found it to be as much as 95 percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes (backed up by this Smoking Vs Vaping article).

Another anti-vaping argument is that not all doctors are on board with this smoking cessation tool at the moment. We all know that medical professionals err on the side of caution, so it’s likely that if they’re not recommending it right now but merely waiting for further evidence about its benefits. That said, there are already groups of doctors and other professionals who are wholeheartedly supporting the movement.

Some people just find it annoying to be around, which is a fair call – they're entitled to their own opinion. In this case, be a respectful vaper and stay downwind of them or give them a little space as you enjoy your vape.