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INTRODUCING NEW FLAVOURS: Sardines, Unicorn Poo, Tripe

Posted 1st Apr 2016 to Vaping Product Reviews


new vapemate flavours

Our eliquid scientists have been having fun in our lab, and you get to reap the rewards – brand new eliquid flavours coming out next week! We’ve always been committed to having the biggest variety of vaping flavours, and we guarantee, our latest creations can’t be found anywhere else.


Whether you put them on pizza or prefer to spoon them up straight from the tin, you’ll love our sardine-flavoured eliquid. That briney-fishy flavour sticks to your tongue, leaving you with the taste of these delicious little guppies all day long. YUM.

Unicorn Poo

“What does unicorn poo taste like?” you ask? Well, we’ve got the answer for you in our newest secret eliquid blend. We can’t tell you exactly what it tastes like (you’ll have to try it for yourself), but we can tell you this - you will absolutely feel like a unicorn took a crap in your mouth.


Finally, a way to enjoy tripe without all the chewing! Tripe is a delicacy made from the stomach linings of various farm animals - if you haven’t tried it, run to your grocer and pick some up. Or try our eliquid instead!

Which one are you most excited to try?  


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