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Introducing Vapemate’s newest eliquid range: The Director’s Cut

Posted 17th Mar 2016 to Vaping Product Reviews


vapemate new flavours

Vapemate’s latest and greatest has just hit the online store- and it’s not something you want to miss.

The Director’s Cut range is a new line of premium eliquids that draws its inspiration from the best things in life – old-school Porsches, epic man beards, and a perfectly cut suit.

You’ve got five to choose from, so go ahead and Take One, or maybe even Take Five…

Take One

Think zesty fruits, juicy berries and a sweet taste that isn’t too much to handle – but will also leave you wanting more. It’s produced at 3mg with a ratio of 80 percent VG and 20 percent flavour.

Take Two

Take Two is another sinfully sweet eliquid, but this time in the form of pink lemonade flavours with a powerful citrus kick on every inhale. The mix of citrus and raspberry is the perfect refreshing hit you need for a pick-me-up at any time of day.

Take Three

Like a good mystery? Take Three might be for you. This one will tease you with its complex blend of flavours that’s mostly fruity, but also has a hint of something else that you won’t quite be able to put your finger on. Could it be a hint of the Orient? Or something different? Give it a try and see if you can figure it out.

Take Four

We’ve gone all British pride on this one. It couldn't taste any more like Old Blighty if it was made of tea and biscuits- and we reckon the Queen herself would take a liking to it given half the chance. You’ll find an expert blend of cream and summer fruits for a smooth and sweet taste in every vape.

Take Five

Finally, Take Five. It’s like a healthy breakfast with its taste profiles of cereal and fruit, but with loads more flavour, and none of the milk slopped down your shirt. It’s soft and citrussy and makes for some impressive clouds. Go on, take five.  


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