Irish vaping industry supports advertising


There are many out there who would like to vilify the vaping industry.  It seems like every week there is a new group or individual making claims against vaping, claims that are rarely based in fact or sense. One of the myths used against vaping is that the industry targets children. Here at Vapemate, we are disgusted by the ways that the big tobacco industry has targeted, and continues to target, the world’s youth, which is why we chose to write about it in the blog last month.

We aren’t the only ones who feel this way. Recently, the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland enacted a code that stipulates that adverts for e-cigs should not “promote or glamorise” tobacco use. While opponents of vaping might expect this to come as a blow to the industry, a coalition of vape shop owners, employees and enthusiasts called Vape Business Ireland (VBI) came out in favour of the new rules.

VBI believes that the rule is a fair and balanced way of discouraging minors from using tobacco products, while allowing adults to make their own informed decisions. The group also hopes that the “department of health will take a similar balanced approach when legislating for vaping products later this year,” and that “the manufacture, supply, distribution and sale of vaping products must be regulated in a responsible manner while upholding the principles of consumer choice for adults, particularly for adult smokers who wish to find an alternative to tobacco products.”

We could not agree more with these statements. Unlike what those who fight against vaping would have you believe, a strong portion of the vaping industry is made up of regular people like us who are passionate about the product they’re selling. Sorry to disappoint the naysayers, but the industry is not an arm of Big Tobacco, but a challenge to it, and most of us would never dream of targeting youths and, in fact, take pride in the fact that many people have used vaping as a means of quitting combustible cigs.