Is the house of commons getting a vaping room? Some politicians want it.


Even in a city whose public transportation network imposes systemic restrictions on vaping, you can still find government officials attempting to carve out room for their own eliquid habits.

According to The Londoner, some MPs from the House of Commons are pushing for a Vaping Room on the Parliamentary Estate -- namely, it would be a conversion of what used to be, historically, the Smoking Room.

“At the moment anyone who smokes artificial fags huddles together guiltily in the covered courtyard of Portcullis House, or might have a couple of surreptitious puffs in their office,” a Westminster source told The Londoner. “We thought we could be given back the Smoking Room and we would rename it the Vaping Room.”

Of course, Parliament isn't the only place where UK office culture has yet to warm up to vaping. Despite the fact that there is currently no legal basis to do so, some employers (like Standard Life) have prohibited their staff from vaping at their desks.

In either case, ecigarettes have been a big topic for human resources departments as of late as employers struggle to comprehend their effect on the workplace.

As for the House of Commons Administration Committee, it already met to discuss Commons ecigarette policy, though the official minutes have yet to be released. 

However, The Londoner's source told the publication that it seems likely they'll get a room -- but not the one they're hoping for.