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It's Not Just The TPD this May - Smokers Take A Hit Too

Posted 28th Apr 2017 to Vaping News, Quit Smoking


It’s not just the TPD That Comes into Force in May…

New laws, which comes into full effect in May, means that all cigarette packs must feature health warnings and have a standard colour, shape and font. The new rules mean logos, branding and cigarette colour schemes would be banned...

...and that's just the start.

Smokers Reduced by 300k

And now a major review – the Cochrane review – has claimed that the move could cut the number of smokers by 300,000 a year and result in an extra 6% of people to try to quit each year.  This research suggests that the number of people who smoked in the UK could drop by 0.5% by May 2018.  It looked at new evidence from across 51 studies which involved 800,000 people.

And a report from the Australian government showed a similar drop in smoking prevalence - 0.55%.  Plain packaging was introduced there in 2012.

Stockpiling Cigarettes

But cigarette 10 packs and smaller packs of rolling tobacco are also being phased out in May and supermarkets are now reporting low stocks on smaller packs as smokers rush to stockpile before the deadline.

It’s hoped the ban on smaller packs would reduce the number of smokers among the young and other people who can only afford smaller packs.  Cancer Research has previously said that two-thirds of smokers start before the age of 18.

Vapers will already be familiar with Article 14 of the Tobacco Products Directive that comes into full force in May.  It limits refill bottle size, tank size for vapers and means tobacco-style warnings are required for all vaping products.

Smoke Free Generation

The moves are part of a plan to reduce smokers in the EU by 2.4 million and in May cheaper cigarettes will also see basic price increases.  The government has said it wants a generation to grow up smoke free.

Professor Ann McNeill, lead review author, from King's College London, told the BBC that there was evidence that standardised packaging made people less likely to be motivated to smoke and reduced cravings for tobacco. 

But there is no evidence that the new packaging plans would affect the numbers of young people taking up smoking – a contentious issue vaping has been charged with frequently.

And some tobacco supporters have claimed that the government’s argument for plain packaging revolved around cigarettes being attractive to youngsters and that the review shows this not to be the case.


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