January Holidays to Vape To

We hope you enjoyed all the December holidays to vape to – now get ready for a strong start to 2016 with our list of awesome January holidays to vape to! 

Whipped Cream Day – January 5

There is rarely a flavour so indulgent as whipped cream. It’s a dessert that you smother all over other desserts to make everything else taste even more amazing, and it’s also something you could just eat by the spoonful when no one’s watching.

Celebrate this day of day’s with an authentic whipped cream eliquid that will give you all the flavour without the day-after regret.

Apricot Day – January 9

Keep it simple and sweet with a delicious apricot vape. The real thing can be a tad tricky to get hold of in the middle of a UK winter, but our eliquids arrive on your doorstep faster than superman in a hurry.

Bittersweet Chocolate Day – January 10

Nothing goes better with apricot than chocolate, so round out your vaping weekend in January with the most bittersweet flavour of all: cocoa eliquid. You’ll get that delicious taste of chocolate mixed in with a bitter hit of cocoa to balance it out. Perfection.

Popcorn Day – January 19

The fact that the world has a day purely dedicated to popcorn is testament to the fact that we have reached peak awesomeness. Celebrate with a movie and a popcorn vape that won’t leave you picking kernels out of your teeth for the next three days.

Pie Day – January 23

Pie day is so glorious that we highly recommend enjoying your vape with the real thing. When it comes to choosing your pie eliquid, you’ve got more choice than at a buffet, with everything from banoffee pie to apple pie and even Mississippi mud pie on offer.

Happy holidays!