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January Special: 25% Off All Vapemate Origins, Classic and Directors Cut

Posted 30th Dec 2016 to Vaping News


Subscribe Now and Fix Your Origins, Classic and Directors Cut Eliquids at These Reduced Prices

Throughout January you get 25% off all Origins, Classic and Directors Cut eliquid.  And if you sign up to our subscription service you get that price fixed for as long as you keep the subscription. 

So each month you get your favourite eliquids delivered to your door and you make incredible savings at the same time.  It’s the worry-free and hassle-free way of getting your favourite vape.

Choose from having three, five or ten bottles delivered straight to your door each month.

The Tobacco Products Directive

Recently the Tobacco Products Directive has required a series of changes to the vaping industry.  Meeting these regulations had some significance in the way we offer our products.

It has required bottles and packaging to be labelled differently. It has reduced tank and refill bottle sizes.  And nicotine can now only be sold as a maximum 20mg per 2ml bottle size.

But one of the biggest impacts is in the submission of eliquid composition to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Each eliquid must be submitted to the MHRA for approval 6 months in advance of going on sale.  A fee is charged for this.

The Benefits of a Subscription with Vapemate

However, if you take advantage of our January special you can get your Origins, Classic and Directors Cut eliquids with a 25% discount. 

And if you sign up to a subscription during January you get to keep these incredible prices.

Getting a Subscription is Easy

Visit the subscriptions pages and choose your how many bottles you want delivered each month - from three, five or ten - and pick your flavours.  Your order will be delivered to your door each month.  And if at any point you want to change your subscription just let us know.

Take advantage of these reduced prices today. They only last throughout January.


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