JG's Vapeatron is a flavor created by Vapemate and by Vapemate only. It is one of the specialty flavors and it is AWESOME. The blend of aniseed and custard is surprisingly good. I’ve never had aniseed before in an E-Liquid or in real life. JG's Vapeatron is unique in every way, definitely a flavor I’ve never tried before. At first I got hints of black licorice but after using it for a while it was almost like it transformed and the rich creamy goodness if custard comes into play.


The eliquid came in a 10ml plastic bottle with Vapemate’s logo and a child protective cap. The dropper bottle had a plastic needle shaped nose. This is actually a nice touch in my opinion as a lot of vendors would rather cheap out and not get the thinner nose. Having a thinner dripper nose makes it easier to refill a tank or drip in an atomizer. I was also extremely impressed with the amount of detail the label on the bottle had. It included the PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, name of the E-Liquid, and as well as several warnings as this is an adult only item. Something a lot of vendors would be too lazy to do.

Smell Test

When I opened the bottle definitely smelled a whole lot of black licorice. Didn’t smell like custard at all. I was a bit disappointed and if you’re reading this you may be too. However, keep reading because it gets much better. Trust me!

Taste Test Low Wattage

At a low wattage setting, the taste of this e-liquid is sweet with hints of licorice. The custard is not apparent at this wattage. This is a sweet e-liquid for sure definitely tasty but I was looking for more.

Taste Test High Wattage

At high wattages, this is where the money is!!! The custard definitely comes to life and what tasted like licorice before now tastes more like aniseed. I’m very shocked at how well aniseed and custard blends so well together. I can vape this all day long. The savory aspect of aniseed combined with the custard is definitely one of a kind. I’ve tried well over a 100 different e-liquids at this point and I have to say nothing remotely comes close to this. Well worth the money and wait time!

Vapor Production

I ordered 100% VG ratio in the JG’s Vapeatron E-Liquid. In fact all my eliquids will be 100% VG due to my PG allergy so your results may differ from mine if you order another ratio. The vapour production is definitely intense. Large plumes of vapour can definitely be achieved with this e-liquid.

Final Thoughts

If this is your first purchase from Vapemate, definitely include this in your shopping cart. JG’s Vapeatron is one of the most unique flavors I have ever had to pleasure of trying. The combination of aniseed and custard is truly one of a kind and should be the flagship of Vape Mate’s specialty line in my personal opinion.

Rating 5/5

JGs Vapeatron Eliquid