July Holidays to Vape to

July is one of our favourite months. Summer is in full swing, people are taking holidays, relaxing on the beach and generally having a great time. Just like other months that we’ve covered, there’re loads  of weird and fun holidays to celebrate, and an eliquid flavour for each one!

World UFO day (2 July) – Keep your eyes to the sky and enjoy the otherworldly goodness of our brand new Apple Menthol flavour eliquid.  

International Kissing Day (6 July) – Pucker those lips! 6 July is international kissing day. If you’ve used vaping as a way to aid in quitting smoking, you already have fresher breath than you did last month. Take it to the next level with our Nana Mint eliquid, and no one will be able to turn you away.

Chocolate Day (7 July) – In our book, every day is chocolate day, but just in case you needed an excuse to indulge in some sweetness, this holiday is the perfect one for you. From chocolate banana to chocolate donut to the classic milk chocolate flavour, we’ve got you covered for this day.

International Town Criers Day  (13 July) – Hear ye! Hear ye! Every dog has his day, and apparently so does every old-timey profession. So grab that bell and hit the streets. You’ll need an eliquid that’s bold and commands respect (how else will you get the townspeople to lend you their ears?), we recommend the rich cigar flavour.  

Tell an Old Joke Day (24 July) – Whether you’re a chicken crossing the road, a man walking into a bar or just knock-knocking at someone’s door, enjoy some good laughs and quality vaping on this day with butterscotch eliquid.

Tequila day (24 July) – After all that joking it will be time to party, and nothing makes a party like tequila, or tequila flavoured eliquid, for that matter. Just try to keep your trousers on.

International Day of Friendship (30 July) – Whether you’re telling jokes, eating chocolate, or watching for aliens, everything is better with friends. Celebrate your pals on 30 July. If your friends are vapers, you can share the love by mixing flavours together – one surprisingly tasty and sophisticated combo is vanilla custard and Attar of Rose.