It’s been said over and over not keep any e-liquid within reach of children or pets as the nicotine can make them extremely sick. What most people do not know is nicotine is not the only agent in eliquids that could be potentially fatal to animals.

Recently I saw a picture of a fellow vaper putting a mod up against her cat’s mouth with the caption, “My Cat Vapes Too!” I understand that this is the internet and folks do silly things to be funny and cute but please do NOT do this.

Some animals (such as cats) cannot metabolize PG (propylene glycol) like the way humans can. In fact, PG is actually poisonous to cats and in high amounts can be fatal. So even if you have 0mg nicotine E-Liquid, it is still unsafe to leave it out in the open if you have cats as pets.

When a cat ingests high doses of PG, their red blood cells start to form something called “Heinz Body”. Heinz Body is when the hemoglobin within the red blood cells become denatured and as a result the cat will become anemic.  

For a cat with Heinz Body Anemia hospitalization and a blood transfusion would be required as a treatment. If you care about your furry friends, keep your E-Liquids out of reach and especially don’t have your mods anywhere near your cat. 

~ Jack