Which celebrities enjoy an ecigarette from time to time?

10 Celebrities Who Vape 

It's not just the Oxford English Dictionary that's recognising the world "vaping" these days. Many of the world's A-listers have also been snapped puffing on the stray ecigarette.
With Hollywood acting as the latest major authoritative body to endorse vaping, we thought it'd be fun to recognise the celebs in our corner and take a stab at which eliquid flavours they might enjoy.
1. Why stop at being the world's most beloved champion of marijuana? Snoop Dogg wouldn't turn down a smoking implement, including those of the electronic variety. For a baller like him, only the finest Habana Reserve Eliquid would do.
2. Though many of Johnny Depp's characters wouldn't be caught dead smoking an alternative cigarette, the actor could very well pacify his inner pirate with a Jamaican Rum Eliquid.
3. Lindsay Lohan isn't fooling anyone with those ecigarettes, but she can have her vices and smoke them too. A Tequila Eliquid for the lady.
4. Cara Delevingne is on the cutting edge of cool (and weird).
5. Perhaps the only time Charlie Sheen was truly #winning as of late was with an ecigarette in his mouth. Somehow, a Menthol Special Blend Eliquid comes to mind.
6. Norman Reedus will forever be associated with the undead, so we'd pin him as a Roast Beef Eliquid. You know, because flesh and all.
7. Samuel L. Jackson once vaped on Jimmy Fallon. It was probably something deliciously in-your-face, like a Christmas Pudding Eliquid.
8. Paris Hilton is frequently seen vaping in the club. Nothing she does could detract from her high-maintenance image, however, so let's go with something she probably can't pronounce, like a Ylang Ylang Eliquid.
9. Katherine Heigel promoted ecigarettes on David Letterman once. Given that we could easily see her vaping with our mothers, however, we'd pin her as a Herbes de Provence Eliquid.
10. Courtney Love was, at one point, in an ecigarette commercial. One also imagines her to be a reckless driver. Let's go with something fruity, like a Wild Strawberry Eliquid.