Firefighters Back Vaping During Swaptober

Vaping Is a ‘Far Safer Option in Terms of Preventing Fires’

London Fire Brigade has backed Public Health England promoting vaping and ecigarettes during Stoptober.

The Fire Brigade has been a supporter of ecigarettes, as a means of reducing fires, for the last year.


“The figures speak for themselves, quitting tobacco not only has health benefits but it can also save you from a devastating fire in your home.”

London Fire Brigade Facebook Post


Ecigarettes Reduce the Risk Of Fire

The news comes after the publication of a report into fire deaths in September and the Brigade has said that the use of ecigarettes reduces the risk of fires compared to cigarettes and that four times as many people smoke as they do vape, but there are 255 times more smoking related fires.


On the LFB website Dan Daly, the Brigade's Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety, said: “Astonishingly, our statistics show that in the past three years there have been just over 3580 smoking fires compared to just 15 fires caused by e-cigarettes.


“Our crews have had to attend numerous fires caused by a cigarette that’s been carelessly discarded. It’s clear that quitting tobacco is not only good for your health but it can also save you from a devastating fire in your home.


“According to our latest figures, smoking is the cause of over half of fire deaths in the home but cigarettes only caused nine per cent of the total number of accidental blazes. These figures are even more startling as the number of Londoners who smoke has dropped from 18.2 per cent in 2012 to 15.2 per cent in 2016.”


No Recorded Deaths Caused by Ecigarettes Catching Fire

Writing on the on the LFB website, the brigade said that it has no recorded deaths or injuries due to vaping equipment catching fire. But warned that ecigarettes still carry the risk of fire and users should never leave their ecigarette unattended while charging and to always use the correct type of charger.


On Facebook the authority posted: “With 'Stoptober' almost upon us - Public Health England's month long campaign to encourage smokers to quit tobacco starting 1st October - we welcome their support for e-cigs to help reduce the number of smoking related fire deaths.”


September’s report also looked at the areas where fires started with bedrooms and living rooms being the most frequent place where fires started.