Longfellow’s Irish Honey Cream is a flavor created by Vapemate and by Vapemate only. It is one of the specialty flavors. As you guessed it, it is a honey and cream blend and very smooth. I was a tad bit disappointed with this one but it was not Vapemate’s fault. Originally I thought this was an Irish whiskey, honey, and cream flavor. I did not realize until I tried it that the honey was an Irish honey and no whiskey was involved at all (my alcoholism is getting the better of me).  There is a very strong honey presence in this mix. If you love honey, this is the e-liquid for you!


The e-liquid came in a 10ml plastic bottle with Vapemate’s logo and a child protective cap. The dropper bottle had a plastic needle shaped nose. This is actually a nice touch in my opinion as a lot of vendors would rather cheap out and not get the thinner nose. Having a thinner dripper nose makes it easier to refill a tank or drip in an atomizer. I was also extremely impressed with the amount of detail the label on the bottle had. It included the PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, name of the e-liquid, and as well as several warnings as this is an adult only item. Something a lot of vendors would be too lazy to do.

Smell Test

Oh Honey! Opening this bottle was like opening a fresh jar of honey. Very delightful actually, probably good enough to attract bees. Surprisingly I also get a hint of the bitterness from the smell. Not sure why, could be the bitterness from the honey itself, but then again I’m just smelling the bottle right now. 

Taste Test Low Wattage

At low wattages you’ll definitely get a honey flavor for sure. The cream mixes in quite nicely. Very smooth and delightful vape. It goes really well with coffee on the drive to work in the morning. I wish the cream was more present to be honest. The honey is very overwhelming to the point where I don’t get any cream taste at all. I was hoping for a more balanced creamy honey flavor. Don’t get me wrong this is still very good considering every other honey flavor I’ve tried in the past tasted very herbal and artificial. This one is a more natural honey flavor you buy at a specialty store.

Taste Test High Wattage

At high wattage this flavor becomes full on honey. No cream notes at all. If you are wanting a smooth and sweet flavor, you may not want to explore high wattages with this flavor. When I set my e-cig on high watts, the honey becomes less sweet oddly enough. The flavoring becomes harsher and much less smooth.

Vapor Production

I ordered 100% VG ratio in the Longfellow’s Irish Honey Cream e-liquid. In fact all my eliquids will be 100% VG due to my PG allergy so your results may differ from mine if you order another ratio. The vapor production is definitely intense. Large plumes of vapor can definitely be achieved with this e-liquid.

Final Thoughts

I wish the cream was not overshadowed by the honey flavoring in this e-liquid. But that’s just me as I love a cream e-liquid any day of the week. The honey part of this e-liquid is very full and accurate to the real thing. If you love honey definitely buy this e-liquid. No buyer’s remorse with this purchase. However if you are like me and prefer a creamier e-liquid, you may want to think twice before ordering this. I have to say even without the creamy tones, this e-liquid pairs quite well with coffee or even a fine scotch. If you are out drinking and want something that’ll pair well with dark liquors, give this e-liquid a shot!

Rating 3/5

Longfellow's Irish Honey Cream Eliquid