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Main reason for vaping is to quit smoking – UK study

Categories: Vaping News
Date: 4 Mar 2016 04:19

Most people vape to quit smoking, according to a study out of the UK


In 2015, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) conducted a study on e-cigarette use in the UK.

The results of the study have now been released, and show that there are an estimated 2.2 million adults in the UK who currently use e-cigarettes. That equates to approximately 4 percent of the population, which is 1 in every 25 adults.

Of all the reasons for vaping, the majority of adults said the main reason they vaped was to help them quit smoking, at 53 percent. Second to that came the reason that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, with 22 percent of vapers stating this as the reason for their habit. On top of that, another 9 percent said they vaped because of how affordable it is, and another 9 percent said it was because they could vape inside.

Only 3 percent of current vapers had not previously used combustible cigarettes.

On the other hand, 59 percent of current e-cigarette users also use traditional cigarettes.  Jamie Jenkins, a senior ONS statistician, used this statistic to suggest that vaping wasn’t very effective as a smoking cessation device.

“While the majority of people are using e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking, it seems they don’t work for everyone, as three-quarters of former vapers are still smoking cigarettes.”

However, many smokers use vaping as a way to simply cut down on their tobacco intake – even if they don’t intend to quit smoking altogether.

Altogether, of the current e-cigarette users, two-thirds of them say they use them every day. A further one in five do so at least once a week.

Meanwhile, the average cigarette consumption for smokers was 11.4 per day, which continues the downward trend over time, that was as high as 16.8 per day in 1976. 




posted on 2016-03-13 18:19:17

I'm finding newer and more powerful mods are starting to consume more liquid to get the same flavour. The paranoid in me thinks its some ploy to start generating as much money as cigarettes did for mod/juice manufacturers.. Tanks should now have a ml per hour rating so we know how much liquid they burn. Like motor vehicle fuel economy, tanks and atomizers should have this type of rating. For me - like many, many, many more people.. 28 years smoking, hit the right pg/vg/mg and there was no looking back. 2 weeks after starting, no longer craved the 'bakky' I'm now finding that when I stand next to smoker, I don't remember if there was a smoke smell... No need for real smokes any more, something I thought I'd only ever say if I got the big C Miraculous, wish this had been around 15 years ago. At least we can say we were here at the start of it! We are the trailblazers, the founding fathers...


posted on 2016-03-07 12:52:56

Interesting blog, Thank you....and I can well understand why people that vape have these reasons to do so. To cut a very long story short, I have been vaping only just over a week...so I am still in the very early stages of finding the right balance of everything. (pg/vg/nicotine/kind of flavour etc etc.) I have smoked for around 35 years, and was dragged off to the local vape shop a few days ago after confessing that my usual 20 a day had suddenly escalated to 40-50. I had tried just about every other method in the past, (including cig-alike style products, which I repeatedly retried, but didn't do a thing) and nothing even managed to cut my smoke consumption down, so what had I got to lose? I didn't have any expectations, I guess I merely thought at the time that maybe someone that knows about vaping could advise me about what to buy that would help me to go back to 20 a day. Anyway.... For the last 5 days, I have actually either smoked just one cigarette, or none at all. You will probably ask why I still often smoke one.... easy to answer (and could be very useful to fellow beginners,) I'm pretty damn sure it's because after all those years, even though I am getting the nicotine from my vape, (albeit a much gentler curve,) my brain is still on occasions insisting that I need to light up. And when I do? Yeh! You guessed it folks! It makes me feel a bit dizzy and even though I have opted for the obvious tobacco flavour vape juices for my initial venture, I am pleasantly surprised to find that actual smoke now tastes very unpleasant. Initially I need to admit, for obvious reasons..... I was very overwhelmed and rather skeptical with my recommended purchase of a mod and tank, but I have learned so very much with all kinds of info on this and many other sites, I got fed up recently with the stock American red tobacco flavour, so I have bought a fruity flavour, because I don't have a sweet tooth, but at present... I am finding it very very mild indeed. I let it breathe for a few hours, and now I'm keeping it a little warm and dark, but I think I am inclined to conclude that all those years of smoke have kinda killed my sense of smell and completely killed my taste buds. :-)