march holidays to vape to

You know how this goes by now! Here are all the days in March you can use as fun excuses to try new e-liquids and celebrate with your mates.

Banana Cream Pie Day – March 2

What would the world be like without a Banana Cream Pie Day? We suggest you double this one up, and enjoy both the real deal and the banana cream e-liquid, just to make sure you’re doing this delicious day justice.

Absinthe Day – March 5

The day of the green fairy, the day to celebrate that ridiculous alcohol that puts all other shots to shame, and the drink that is illegal in some countries. If you’re not too interested in waking up in the middle of a roundabout on March 6, opt for the absinthe e-liquid instead of the real thing.

International Day of Forests – March 21

The Day of Forests is a United Nations recognised day to celebrate trees of all types. And you know what grows on trees? Apples do. So do pears. Even peaches. You can even vape a really delicious forest with our citrus punch e-liquid that contains flavours of oranges, lemons, limes, and much more.

Chocolate-Covered Raisins Day – March 24

Chocolate-covered raisins are practically health foods – they’re mostly grapes after all. Celebrate your favourite ‘healthy’ snack with raisin flavour e-liquid, then do it properly by following up with a classic milk chocolate e-liquid.

Make up your own Holiday Day – March 26

It’s time to get creative – this is essentially a carte blanche of vaping where you get to make up a day to vape to. Fancy a day to celebrate the greatness that is Breaking Bad? Stock up on Pinkman e-liquid and Heisenberg e-liquid in a tribute to your heroes. Today is the day.