May holidays to vape to

You know the drill! Check out these dates in May that make for perfect vaping dates – as well as what you can enjoy from our range on each day.

No Diet Day – May 6

Whether you’ve been sticking to New Year’s resolution since January 1, or have only just begun your diet on May 1, the 6th is the day when you get to break it!

You can take your pick of our confectionery and dessert-flavoured liquids, but our choice for a little over-indulgence is the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Eliquid. Best paired with the real thing, of course.

Moscato Day – May 9

Moscato Day is a time to celebrate delicious wine- guilt-free. While the official day is all about the Italian wine itself, you can celebrate by vaping Beaujolais Nouveau Eliquid – which is technically a French wine, but the countries are pretty close together anyway.

Stay Up All Night Night – May 10

Staying up all night is usually reserved for kids on sleepovers and university students who have procrastinated long enough to have to write their 3,000-word essay on the night before it’s due. You get to celebrate it just because, so grab some Double Espresso Eliquid and spend the night catching up on your favourite TV show or reading an entire book.

World Water a Flower Day – May 30

Get outside and water those flowers (yes, even if it’s raining) – and while you’re at it, try out the Lotus Flower Eliquid. It might not be something you’d usually try, which is why it’s the ideal time to taste it. You never know, it might be your new fave.

World No-Tobacco Day – May 31

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) day for everyone to avoid tobacco is May 31, so it’s an obvious day to pick up that mod for a vape session. To go for something that’s practically the complete opposite of tobacco, try our Peppermint Eliquid – it’ll leave your mouth feeling fresh and minty- rather than dry and smokey.