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May the vape be with you: celebrating May holidays in style

Posted 7th May 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


There are many reasons you should be vaping this May!

They say April showers bring May flowers, but what you don't hear as often is that once you've spent April commemorating holidays in vape-y ways, you're much more likely to start May off on a similar foot.
In no particular order, except maybe chronological, here are some holidays in May that pair well with your ecigarette hobby.
May Day (May 1): Forget the original origins of this holiday. When you think "May Day," you think skippy dances and flower poles. Though May Day has come and gone, this attitude can last all month, so why not skip and vape on a Ylang Ylang Eliquid?
World Naked Gardening Day (May 2): We don't need to do too much explaining with this one, but did you have a backup plan for when your neighbour inevitably sees you and freaks out? No freakouts necessary when you've got a robust cloud of vapour surrounding you.
Get Caught Reading Month: Unlike World Naked Gardening Day, "Get Caught Reading Month" is something you truly want to be seen doing. To enhance your sophisticated image, you might want to pensively puff on a Welsh Pipe Tobacco Eliquid.
International Respect for Chickens Day (May 4): Chickens put up with so much flack. Why not cut them a break and vape on something beef- or vegetarian-flavoured instead? No animals were harmed in the making of Rainbow Fruit Eliquid.
Star Wars Day (May 4): Yeah, yeah, you've heard the joke before. But it's not every day you get to take advantage of the striking resemblance that your vape pen bears to a light saber.
International Victorious Woman Month: The victory could range from Amelia Earhart proportions to successfully drinking a martini without spilling. Whatever the case, every victory calls for a vape.
Eat What You Want Day (May 11): That's right. Today, you're imbibing a well-rounded diet of doughnuts, pizza, milkshakes, and those brownies with the crunchy rainbow sprinkles. To match, try a decadent Chocolate Custard Pie Eliquid.
Mimosa Day (May 16): Book an extra-long brunch, and then vape on an Orange Liqueur Eliquid as the next best thing.
Pick Strawberries Day (May 20): What a nice time of year to be out in the sun, communing with the land. Once you've filled your basket with delicious ripe strawberries, commemorate the experience with some Wild Strawberry Eliquid.
Date Your Mate Month: Just because you have a mate doesn't mean you're dating him or her. Revive the romance, and while you're out in your horse-drawn carriage, share a decadent ecigarette together.
World No Tobacco Day (May 31): In observance of No Tobacco Day, it seems all too appropriate to draw attention to all the compelling alternatives out there. This seems like a particularly good day to spread the word about ecigarettes as a tobacco alternative.

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