Vaping With a Cold

Have a stuffy nose or sore throat? Vapers on reddit swear by menthol e liquid as the go-to vape for temporary relief. Since you’re taking it in most of the day, it’s a good replacement for cough drops or other things you would use to unstuff yourself - certainly a lot less messy than a neti pot.

Vaping When Sick

User crimsonBZD relates his experience with menthol e juice. “I've got a terrible, terrible sinus infection. Like, face in sharp pain, crinkling in ears sinus infection. Having read that post here a day or two ago about menthol flavors, I remember a friend here at work gifted me a bottle of extremely strong menthol flavor a few months back. It was 18mg, I vape 3mg, so I just kind of tucked it away in my desk.

Several months later, and thanks to your post, I remembered the juice and put just a few drops in my tank. My existence would be unendurable without the slight bit of nasal usage that I've regained through your tip.”


Eucalyptus is also a good nose-clearer, and we happen to have a menthol and eucalyptus blend that gives you the best of both worlds.


Now is the time to stop dual use of cigarettes and vaping


There is nothing worse than the taste of a cigarette when you are sick, and no better time to give up smoking entirely. Sucking on a menthol - or any - vape is going to taste and feel much better than having a cig when your mouth feels and tastes like cotton. Some people do complain of “quitter’s flu” when they go off the cigs, but this is a natural course of your body ridding itself of toxins and your lungs ridding themselves of tar with coughing and phlegm. May as well get it over with all at once if you are sick anyway.


Vaping with a Cold... Our range of menthol flavours


While our pure menthol is our most popular menthol flavour, we have a large range including:


- Vanilla Menthol

- Tobacco Menthol

- Cherry Menthol


And many more which you can see here. Our e liquid has a long shelf life of a couple of years, so if you want to stock up for flu and cold season, your menthol eliquid will still be good a few months from now.