I’ll admit when I was a smoker I smoked purely menthol cigarettes. I loved the cool feeling I get in the back of my throat with every drag. I loved how it could clear my sinuses and I especially loved the cooling sensation. I just really hated the way it smelled and the fact that it’ll kill me someday. Needless to say when I first switched to vaping I only wanted menthol flavored; something to replace that cool sensation. But alas I was never able to find anything close, well that is until now anyway. Mentholyptus is really the only thing I’ve found to give me the menthol and mint feel that I really wanted. It clears my sinuses in the morning and provides me with a jump start during a long day at work.


The e-liquid came in a 10ml plastic bottle with Vapemate’s logo and a child protective cap. The dropper bottle had a plastic needle shaped nose. This is actually a nice touch in my opinion as a lot of vendors would rather cheap out and not get the thinner nose. Having a thinner dripper nose makes it easier to refill a tank or drip in an atomizer. I was also extremely impressed with the amount of detail the label on the bottle had. It included the PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, name of the e-liquid, and as well as several warnings as this is an adult only item. Something a lot of vendors would be too lazy to do.

Smell Test

When I first opened the bottle the smell was very strong. Not pungent by any means. Just very obvious this was a mint and menthol flavor without even tasting it. When I took a deeper sniff, that alone was beginning to clear my sinuses. I knew this was going to be a great flavor even before I tried it!

Taste Test Low Wattage

Whoa!!! This is an intense menthol and mint flavor. It definitely reminded me of a sinus clearing cough drops for sure. You can definitely taste the menthol as well as the eucalyptus. It was like I was vaping Listerine. This is absolutely fantastic. There was even a sweet aftertaste that I enjoyed very much. Within the first few hits, my sinuses were very clear and I was most definitely more alert as well. I can definitely see myself using this every day with no issues or with me ever getting tired of this flavor. This is a keeper for sure!

Taste Test High Wattage

Being such as strong menthol and mint flavor, I knew if I were to crank up the wattage the flavor would intensity by many folds. I was curious so I did it anyway; boy oh boy was I right. Imagine hot mustard or wasabi clearing your sinuses. That is how strong this flavor was. Very intense at the high wattage and definitely way too much for me to handle. I’d definitely go against using a high wattage setting when first trying this flavor, you really want to ease into it.

Vapor Production

I ordered 100% VG ratio in the Mentholyptus e-liquid. In fact all my e-liquids will be 100% VG due to my PG allergy so your results may differ from mine if you order another ratio. The vapor production is weaker not because of the e-liquid, but mostly because if I took too long of a drag, the flavor would get way too intense and I would have a burning sensation in my throat. To avoid this I took short drags instead of the long deep drags that I’m used to doing.

Final Thoughts

If you like mint and menthol flavored e-liquids your search is over. This is the mac-daddy of all mint and menthol flavors. By far one of the strongest flavors I’ve ever had too. To say I love this flavor would be an understatement. If you are prone to stuffy noses (like I am) this will clear those stubborn sinuses. If you used to smoke menthol and want something to transition you from cigarettes into vaping, look no further as this e-liquid will get the job done no questions asked.

Rating 5/5

Mentholyptus eliquid