Vaping & Excercise

Before I started smoking cigarettes and partially even while I was smoking, I was an extremely active person. I worked out 3 to five times a week. I lifted weights; I ran 5 to 10 miles, and I chugged protein powder like my life depended on it.

Fast forward after I graduated my university, I had a desk job which required for me to be sedentary ten hours a day between the commute and sitting in front of the computer. Working out the past few years have been a real chore, recovering was even worse, I dreaded going to the gym to the point where I just stopped going.  

Why I started exercising

Over the years, I tried working out again, but I lost all stamina and after merely jogging for half an hour, I just wanted to crawl towards a corner and pass out. I blamed it on age, my job, my love for sweet cakes, but never on the smoking. I’ve been smoke-free now for nine months and decided to give it another try. Last week I signed up for a gym (at the request of my wife no less) thinking that this wouldn’t take on.

Today was my first day doing any physical activity (outside of the house… har har har) I jumped on the treadmill and decided to take things slow. First half-mile went by, and I surprisingly felt fine. No coughing and no chest pains. I was very shocked by this, ecstatic even. I turned up the speed and wanted to test drive my new smoke free lungs. After two miles and a face full of sweat, I’m surprised I hadn’t passed out. My heart rate was relatively normal, and I felt fine.

My legs are extremely sore right now. But this isn’t anything new as I haven’t walked let alone ran 2 miles in over half a decade. The most important thing to get out of this is my chest does not hurt. I am not coughing, and my lungs feel normal without any pain.

Vaping helped me get back into exercise again

When I was smoking, I had all these symptoms. After only eight months of vaping, I can enjoy exercise again without vomiting a lung.

Keep in mind I’m not stating the health benefits nor claiming that there are benefits to vaping; to avoid potential lawsuits of course. But I do want to state since laying down the carton of cigarettes and picking up an e-cigarette instead, I’ve been able to perform physically above and beyond what I’ve been able to do in the past half-decade. This may just be a fluke; however, I’m unofficially taking this as another reason to quit smoking and start vaping!

~ Jack