Welcome to the wonderful world of vaping! You’ve made a great choice and an increasingly popular one. There are thought to be over 3.2 million vapers in the UK, a hobby that is thought to be less harmful than smoking tobacco products. Whether you have turned to vaping to kick the habit or as a hobby to enjoy the different flavour and experience, as a vaping newbie, there are a few things you need to know.

#1 Like smoking, there is a vaping etiquette

For decades, smoking was acceptable. It’s hard to imagine but at one time, you could smoke on planes, on trains and buses as well as in pubs and most other places. With the realisation that it was a ticking health bomb, over the decades, smoking became more unacceptable. Today, the only place you can really smoke is outside or in your home but even then, with children and other non-smokers in the house, it tends to be frowned upon.

And so swapping to vaping gives you a new sense of freedom because you can vape anywhere, can’t you? There are rules when it comes to vaping in the UK, the products you can buy and how they vaping kits and ejuices are advertised.

Wondered what vaping etiquette is all about? Take a look at our latest vaping etiquette guide.

#2 Don’t get an overly complicated piece of vaping kit

You only have to take a glance at the pages vaping kits and pens to understand that vaping can get very complicated which can be off-putting if you’re new to it or thinking of taking it up.

Help is at hand but the rule of thumb for vaping noobs is that keeping it simple is the best way forward. It’s also a more cost-effective way to start too.

  •         The Flare battery e-pen, for example, is a penny shy of £10 and with a bottle of vaping juice being around £3, you could have your first bit of kit and juice for less than £15 (not including P&P).
  •         If you feel you need a bit of colour in your life, for just under £25 you can opt for one of the many beautiful colours of the Innokin Endura T18E starter pens. Really simple to use, it will ease into the world of vaping.
  •         If you want something a little chunkier with a stylish modern look, then the IQ 3 ultra-portable pen in black is the ideal choice.

When you’ve got to grips with vaping, you can begin to experiment not just with different flavours of ejuice but fancier vaping kit too.

#3 Know how to use and charge your vape pen safely

There have been stories in the press of vape pens exploding resulting in some pretty horrid burns and injuries. There are several reasons why this may happen. Likes lots of other equipment we use daily, your vape pen or mod has a battery in it, something that needs to be looked after.

This means shielding your pen from excessive heat – so leaving it in a hot car on a summer’s day is not a great idea – and excessive cold too (you might find it doesn’t work properly as the battery is struggling to power up the device).

As well as treating your vaping kit with respect, you also need to make sure that you charge your pen or kit in the right way. Some pens have what they call pass-through charging. You have this on your smartphone. What it means is, you can still use the device when it is plugged in and charging.

Other vape pens are not the same. This means that once the battery is empty, it needs to be placed on charge and left until it is fully charged and then removed from the charging cradle or USB cable before use.

#4 It’s never too early to experiment with flavours!

There are many benefits to vaping, one of which is just how much freedom you have to experiment with e-juice flavours. There are so many different flavours its hard to know where to start!

But it doesn’t mean that because you are new to vaping you should stick to a designated range of flavours. Far from it! Different flavours mean you have different options for when the mood takes you so why not try some of the fancier or fruitier flavours?

#5 There is no average vaping time but…

… as a newbie, depending on the ejuice flavour you choose and the nicotine content, you may find that shorter vaping sessions are better than continually vaping.

When you start vaping, you may find you cough and splutter a bit. This is the combination of heat and flavour, as well as getting it right by not drawing too harshly on your device.

With high content nicotine, vaping for too long can make you feel sick and quite lightheaded, not what you want when you vape. When you start, keep your sessions short and sweet. When you’ve got used to it (it won’t take long!), you can enjoy long, languid vaping sessions, the perfect way to unwind and relax.

#6 You need to look after your e-juice too

Vaping juice is a pretty simple concoction – you could make your own but most people stick with buying from a reputable UK manufacturer and supplier – and contains four ingredients: water, PG or VG (a type of suspension that carries the flavour and seals the mix), nicotine, although this is optional and there are varying strengths available including 0%, and food-grade flavourings.

In most cases, a 10ml bottle of vape juice will last a vaper with an ‘average’ vaping habit around a week. Clearly, if you vape a lot, you’ll find you’ll use more.

It’s common, therefore, to buy packs of your favourite flavour e-juice as well as sample packs so you get to try different flavours. Vaping juice is sensitive to heat and light. So storing your juice in a cold place or on the windowsill will cause it the breakdown. It can go cloudy and lose its flavours.

The best thing to do is to lave bottle of vape juice unopened until you are ready to use them and leave them in the cardboard box that the individual bottles come in. In the middle of a heatwave, you can store your unopened bottles in the fridge, bringing them to room temperature before you use them.

Vaping is a great way to kick back and unwind, just as it is a great hobby to enjoy on the go. But the one lesson every newbie should know is this – take you time and get the feel for it because vaping is a skill.