Eliquid flavourings under attack in New York

Eliquid Flavourings Under Attack in New York’s Latest Ridiculous Bill

Like a lot of parents, I’m concerned that I’ll one day find my child eating THC infused gummy bears drizzled in sex lube or worse, suffocating with a strawberry flavoured condom over his head. And so I’m fully in support of any bill to have these items banned from sale to the general public.

This is of course insane nonsense, but it’s the same logic on which the latest bill from New York is based. 

Its no surprise to anyone that New York is no fan of electronic cigarettes. However New York is now looking to ban fruity flavors as well claiming, like many other law makers, that they entice children. Its really pointless at this point to argue against this not because I agree with this logic, but I’m personally just tired of the argument being used constantly to justify E-Cig bans.

Seeing as not everyone reading this is from New York, it is interesting to know that although New York law makers are determined to ban electronic cigarettes one way or another, many of the New Yorkers do not feel the same way. In fact, I visited my sister, who works as a cocktail waitress in Manhattan, last weekend and she says most New Yorkers do not particularly care about New York’s clean air act. People smoke where they want and vape where they want. Police do not really enforce anything unless there is a compliant of some kind. 

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