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New York Senator Calls for Childproofing of E-Liquids

Posted 9th Jul 2014 to Vaping News


New York Senator, Charles Schumer, has turned to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requesting that all e-liquid manufacturers be required to place childproof lids on any products used to refill electronic cigarettes. Additionally, mandatory warning labels on e-liquid containers regarding nicotine addiction should also be included. Schumer states that the reasoning behind this new requirement is due to the rising number of poison control center calls that have dealt with liquid nicotine or other e-cigarette related issues.

The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) embraces Schumer’s proposal to eliminate “accidental ingestion of e-liquid used in vapor products”, SFATA continues to say they support “mandatory warning labels and childproof packaging on all e-liquid containers”. SFATA believes e-liquid containers should not only have nicotine addition warnings, but also label the nicotine strength, the full list of the ingredients included inside the e-liquid, and any other pertinent information. In order to preserve e-cigarettes and continue offering these devices to the adults that need them, SFATA believes these “common-sense” requirements should become an industry standard in order to protect children and pets against ingesting these liquids.

So what will this new regulation mean for small e-cig vendors and e-liquid manufactures? Well, the most obvious effect would be more production costs to include these informative labels and childproof caps. Smaller, less established brands may even suffer noticeable profit loss by being forced to spend more to make their e-liquids. This in turn results in higher price points and possibly fewer customers, which could ultimately put many small vendors out of business. Increases in regulations and restrictions not only affect consumers and their right to vape, it drastically impacts the operation and performance of numerous businesses and their ability to produce e-liquids and electronic cigarettes.

Incidentally Vapemate (and many other UK suppliers) have always done this and in the UK this pretty much seems to be the standard.           

Full Article Available At: http://www.cspnet.com/category-news/tobacco/articles/schumer-calls-childproofing-e-liquids



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