Back in April this year, tobacco smoking was banned throughout Scotland on every hospital grounds in the country. However, each of the 13 health boards in the country were given the choice of whether or not this ban should include e-cigarettes.

At the time, only one health board allowed the restricted use of vaping devices.

However, the tide appears to be beginning to turn after further evidence that vaping can help with smoking cessation, which has caused other health boards to allow e-cigarettes on hospital grounds. Now, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has therefore lifted the vaping ban.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s director of public health Dr Emilia Crighton has said that “e-cigarettes do have their place in the fight against tobacco and are being used effectively to help people stop smoking altogether”.

Dr Crighton has not made such statements lightly, as the decision has come from careful consideration of research into the matter from numerous interested parties.

She cited the fact that their own research showed as many as one third (32 per cent) of local smokers were intending to try e-cigarettes the next time they attempted to quit. Further to this, almost one in five (18 per cent) of those who had quit smoking within the past year had done so with the help of e-cigarettes.

It is, therefore, the view of NHS GGC that lifting the ban may help to support those looking to quit smoking. There will be designated areas on hospital grounds for vaping and visitors will be advised that the same rules do not apply to combustible cigarettes.

The move is an exciting one for vaping advocates, as it demonstrates a clear and logical commitment by a major health organisation to support smoking cessation.