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No Plans for England Indoor Electronic Cigarette Ban

Posted 2nd Sep 2014 to Vaping News


As most of the world has seen last week, WHO (World Health Organization) issued a statement to urge nations to ban indoor electronic cigarette ban citing due to the lack of research and evidence of the potential chemicals in the vapor being produced as well as the sweet flavors being “marketed” towards children. Even though my opinion (as well as most of the electronic cigarette community) of WHO’s comments are absolutely absurd given the studies that have been done already, many of the large government bodies in the United Nations are considering taking action. Countries such as India, Canada’s Toronto, as well as establishing statewide policies in the United States are on this growing list. Granted many of the governing bodies are not starting to consider indoor bans because of WHO’s statements, but more so using it as a reason (or in my opinion excuse) to push it into action.

Fortunately, England’s DoH (Department of Health) has no plans to ban indoor electronic cigarette usage at this time. However it is unsure how long “at this time” will last as the British Medical Association is backing the indoor electronic ban, but fortunately there are some organizations still on our side such as the anti-smoking group Action on Smoking and Health because they view electronic cigarettes as a way of quitting tobacco cigarettes. Although the DH does not agree with an outright indoor usage ban, it does agree on consumers’ needs to be 18 years or older (something every consumer and law maker alike can agree with). 

WHO also does not want electronic cigarettes to be sold via vending machines. And this is something I actually agree on as most of the time the vending machine electronic cigarettes are of low quality anyway. Something all users should stay away from. Instead buying from a vape shop who specializes in high-quality E-Liquids and hardware such as Vape Mate is always the best option as a consumer will always get a better quality electronic cigarette as well as the E-Liquid too. Finally, WHO closes with an argument that electronic cigarettes are a gateway drug to normal cigarettes. This, of course, is the most ludicrous argument considering most vapers don’t revert to inhaling nasty tobacco cigarettes after using electronic cigarettes. That’s like saying smart phones will lead to consumers depending on old flip phones. It is an absurd argument!

I’m thankful there are many critics out there that disagree with what WHO stated as well as some governing bodies tuning it out. But I am deeply disturbed with how an organization dedicated to fighting current and future diseases are concerning themselves with something even they seemed could potentially (meaning no evidence or research) be harmful. You’d think an organization with a group of scientist would at least provide detailed research prior to issuing such a report. I get annoyed just thinking about it!

The article can be found below:http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/aug/26/e-cigarettes-no-indoor-smoking-ban-england





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