September Holidays You Can Vape To

It’s a new month, which means a new set of holidays to celebrate! Like in all months past, we’ve got a tasty vape flavour to go with each one. Here's what we will be vaping this month.

World Vegan Month

Okay, so you might have a vegan friend or two who annoys the hell out of you with their constant nagging about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. However, with the recent news that bacon could give you cancer, this might be a good month to commit to making some meat and dairy-free dinners. And when you’ve finished your tofu, congratulate yourself with a puff on any one of our dessert flavours.

Use Your Common Sense Day, 4 November

Nothing says common sense like supporting reasonable regulations for vaping that wouldn’t infringe on consumers’ rights! This should be a day when vapers who are quitting combustibles should hold their vapes high in pride. Do it in style with our brand new Parma Violet eliquid.

Guy Fawkes Night, 5 November

Remember, remember! Everyone loves Guy Fawkes Night, because nothing beats a good effigy-burning. This year, you can add to the celebration with the delicious taste of our new special blend, Old Vastard.

Origami Day, 11 November

Everyone loves the Japanese art of origami. It’s beautiful and simple, yet highly intricate. This would be a great day to get together with your mates and impress each other with your stunning folded creations. Keep the party authentic with Sweet Cherry eliquid as a nod to the gorgeous cherry blossoms of Japan.

World Hello Day, 21 November

In our fast-paced and highly technological culture, it’s easy to forget the power of a simple “Hello.” So join in the fun and feel confident that your hellos will be accompanied by fresh breath with Nana Mint eliquid.

Cake Day, 26 November

That’s right, there’s a day for cake. And why on earth shouldn’t there be? Keep it cakey and classy on this holiday with our Tiramisu eliquid and you might just find yourself declaring every day is Cake Day.